• Artistworks Launches Music Roundtable Podcast with Mike Marshall & Caterina Lichtenberg as first guests

    ArtistWorks Music Roundtable Podcast—Episode 1: Mike Marshall & Caterina Lichtenberg

    NAPA, CALIF. — Artistworks has announced their brand new podcast series, the ArtistWorks Music Roundtable. In the series, members of the ArtistWorks faculty are joined by notable musical guests to discuss topics on anything and everything music.

    In the inaugural episode, Director of Content and Production, Marcus Luscombe, is joined by world-renowned bluegrass mandolin and multi-style instrumentalist, Mike Marshall, and classical mandolin icon, Caterina Lichtenberg. Together, they discuss their favorite instruments, what drew them both to the mandolin, a few stories from their time touring, and the importance of the number "2" in their personal and musical lives.

    Form the podcast, Mike shared, "Caterina and I might be the strangest married couple out there. We're two mandolin players with two young children. We live on two continents in two countries. We speak two languages in our house, and all of our instruments feature strings paired in twos."

    Subjects of future podcasts rangefrom touring and memorable moments on the road to recording, songwriting, musicianship, music theory, technique, and more will be addressed. Nothing is off-limits, and all musical themes are fair game!

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