• New Music - Impromptu Sessions No. 2: Dominick Leslie & Ric Robertson

    Impromptu Sessions No. 2: Dominick Leslie & Ric Robertson

    NASHVILLE, TENN. — Dominick Leslie & Ric Robertson have announced the released today of their mandolin and mandola themed duet recording Impromptu Sessions No. 2 on Padiddle Records.

    From the liner notes: "Walking the high-wire, dancing on a razor's edge — such is the dangerous and delicate ecstasy of the improvising musician, a euphoria that can only exist within the realms of the uncertain. It's an uncertainty with which Dominick Leslie and Ric Robertson are intimately familiar. They face it head on with open hearts, for they know thatís where the magic is.

    "Dom and Ric are sonic voyagers who have given themselves over here to the spontaneity of the universe, and it's a delight to hear their ever-flowing unconscious exchange of ideas. It's an exchange that's built on trust, and shared history, musical tradition and invention. Most of all, it's the joy that shines through." - Logan Ledger

    The duet is scheduled to be a guest on an upcoming episode of the Mandolins and Beer podcast and will discuss the recording with Daniel Patricl.


    From the recording, "East Virginia Blues."

    Track Listing

    • East Virginia Blues
    • Harrison Crab Feathers
    • Sambino
    • Alabama Waltz
    • Evening Prayer Blues
    • Farther Along
    • Jealous Guy
    • Home Sweet Home
    • One Love
    • What A Friend We Have In Jesus
    • Dawg's Waltz
    • Autumn Leaves
    • Lullaby

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    1. Nick Royal's Avatar
      Nick Royal -
      Mandolin & mandola make a great duet combo.
    1. Cheryl Watson's Avatar
      Cheryl Watson -
      Very subtle, yet detailed playing and gorgeous tone! I also love the blind contour drawing for the cover.
    1. Rob Fowler's Avatar
      Rob Fowler -
      Such a good album. One of my favorite parts about it is hearing Dom play a bunch of Dawg licks on the Grisman tunes. You can tell how much respect and reverence he (and Ric) have for his music. Really cool album.