• Cremona Musica International Exhibitions and Festival Presents Cremona Mandolini in Mostra

    Cremona Musica International Exhibitions and Festival Presents Cremona Mandolini in Mostra

    CREMONA, ITALY — The Second Annual Cremona Musica International Exhibitions and Festival will be held here September 23-35. One of the most important music fairs in Europe and the hometown of Antonio Stradivari, the exhibition includes high-quality musical instruments, including "Mandolini in Mostra," an international event focusing on mandolin.

    Now at its second edition after the great success of last year, "Mandolini in Mostra" is led by Italian mandolin great Carlo Aonzo, Artistic Director for the mandolin presence at the fair. Aonzo will be joined by Master luthiers Lorenzo Frignani and Leonardo Petrucci.

    International guests of Cremona Musica will include Mike Marshall who will perform live; Alex Timmerman, collector and expert from the Netherlands; and Ugo Orlandi, Maestro and teacher.

    About the event, Alessio Ambrosi, Artistic Advisor of Cremona Musica and organizer said, "For the first time, the greatest mandolin experts from all over the world will come together here in Cremona. We will describe its history and evolution during the years, we will analyze its making and constructions and also address execution and interpreting techniques."

    Partial Event Listing

    Masterclass on the Baroque solo repertoire (technique and improvisation: Vivaldi, Cecere and Giuliani) held by Maestro Carlo Aonzo will take place on September 24-25 from 10 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

    Exhibition of historical instruments by the master luthier Lorenzo Frignani (every day inside the Acoustic Guitar Village exhibition area).

    Conference: "The Art of the Mandolin," meeting with contemporary luthiers; moderator Lorenzo Frignani. At the speakers' table the mandolin exhibitors of the "Luthier’s Row” of the AGV.

    Conference-round table: "The teaching of the mandolin: where are we?" curated by Lorenzo Frignani and Carlo Aonzo. Speakers Ugo Orlandi, Alex Timmerman and various teachers of music schools and conservatories.

    Conference: "Discovering the true Paganini of the Mandolin: Pietro Vimercati," speakers Alex Timmerman, Ugo Orlandi, Carlo Aonzo. Introduction by Lorenzo Frignani.

    Conference "Faithful copy of historical mandolins: how close can we get to the original instruments?" In a path that winds through music, history and science, the results obtained in the copy of a specimen of baroque mandolin by luthier Joseph Filano will be illustrated. Speakers Martino Quintavalla and Federico Gabrielli.

    Conference-concert on the figure of Raffaele Calace and the plectrum and plucked instruments of the time, by Roberto Guarnieri on guitar and Eugenio Palumbo on mandolin.

    Presentation of the book Il Mandolino Blues - From Mississippi to the Mediterranean, roots, contaminations and modern styles - Edizioni Fingerpicking.net - Foreword by Mike Marshall, Carlo Aonzo, Rich Del Grosso. With the participation of the authors Stefano Tavernese and Lino Muoio, the publisher Reno Brandoni and the artists Carlo Aonzo and Mike Marshall.

    Review of orchestras, plucked ensembles, mandolin clubs from various parts of Italy. There will be: Popular Mandolin Orchestra (Carderara di Reno, Bologna), Le Pizziche (Rome), Estense Mandolin Ensemble (Modena), Amici del Mandolino Orchestra (Milan), Tita Marzuttini Orchestra (Udine), City of Milan plectrum orchestra, Mutinae Plectri (Modena), Gino Neri Orchestra (Ferrara), Eliante Orchestra (Switzerland) and other mandolin clubs.

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