• New Music - Poems for Mandolin by Charlotte Kaiser

    Poems for Mandolin by Charlotte Kaiser

    SAARBRÜCKEN, GERMANY — Charlotte Kaiser, an award winning mandolinist currently studying at The Hochschule für Musik Saar (University of Music Saar), has announced the release of her debut solo recording entitled Poems for Mandolin, which includes works of Ludwig van Beethoven, Raffaele Calace and Yasuo Kuwahara, among others, as a soloist on mandolin and mandola and in a duo with pianist Katharina Sellheim.

    A prizewinner of various national and international competitions and scholarships as well as twice concertmaster of the "European Mandolin and Guitar Youth Orchestra," Kaiser is in demand on the mandolin and mandola as a soloist or as part of various chamber music and orchestral formations. She is also a co-founder and organizer of the Bundesjugendzupforchester, an annual, performance-oriented orchestra in which mandolinists, guitarists and bassists aged 16 - 26 from all over Germany meet, exchange ideas and make music together at a high level.

    Charlotte Kaiser
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    Track Listing

    • Concertinho Colibri (Hamilton de Holanda)
    • "Ochiana" Suite fur Mandoline solo (Heinrich Konietzny)
      • lntrada
      • Andanta ma non tanto
      • Vivace
    • Ludwig van Beethoven Adagio ma non troppo
    • Vincent Beer-Demander Pezzi romantici "per la notte"
      • Serenata
      • Berceuse d'Alexandre
      • Alba
      • Romance d'Erbalonga
    • Sonatina Tritematica No.12 (Luciano Chailly)
    • XVI. Preludio (Raffaele Calace)
    • "La Furstemberg" Variationen (Antonio Riggieri)
    • Notturno - Cielo Stellato (Raffaele Calace)
    • Improvised Poem (Yasuo Kuwahara)

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      Mandolin Cafe -
      Note from Charlotte a bit after the fact and she's been really busy of late. We'd asked who built her instruments. Her response: mandolin by Albert&Müller, the mandola by Seiffert.