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    Rain of Animals, Nali's World

    MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — Rain Of Animals, the duo of Pepita Emmerichs and Theodore Barnard, have announced the release of their debut album of original fiddle tunes entitled Nali's World. On the album, Emmerichs holds down mandolin, violin, mandocello, cello, tenor guitar and Barnard is featured on guitar and double bass.

    Recorded during the very depths of lockdown in rural Perthshire, Nali's World represented a previous few year's worth of instrumental fiddle tunes that were composed by Pepi and Theo throughout their musical adventures in Australia, Scotland and Europe.

    Inspired by the landscapes and people they encountered along the way, guitar, fiddle, and mandolin never far from reach, the collection was self-produced and recorded (playing all instruments including double bass, cello, mandocello & tenor guitar) in their home-based studio.

    On the recording Pepi played a modified early 2000s Kentucky MN1000 mandolin, a Blueridge BR60T and an Eastman MDC805.


    From the recording, the track "Blaven."

    Track Listing

    • Eibsee
    • Blaven
    • Olive Tasting
    • Chipotle Jam
    • Sandy's Waltz
    • From Hense Forth
    • Maria
    • Pinecone Point
    • Lil Demon
    • Feathertop

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    Rain of Animals
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    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      Some of you may recall Pep's appearance on Mandolin Mondays in 2019.
    1. Rush Burkhardt's Avatar
      Rush Burkhardt -
      Excellent! Clean, fresh sound! Thanks, MandoCafe!
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      EvanElk -
      Great stuff!