• New Music - A Mandolin's Guide to Hamburg by Florian Klaus Rumpf

    A Mandolin's Guide to Hamburg by Florian Klaus Rumpf

    HAMBURG, GERMANY — Florian Klaus Rumpf has announced the release of his newest recording, A Mandolin's Guide to Hamburg. The project showcases music as lively and impressive as the port city in northern Germany.

    About the new recording Rumpf told us, "A Mandolin's Guide to Hamburg" combines music and places that are very close to my heart. Hamburg is my adopted home and a city that fascinates me again and again. My mandolins and music are constant companions on my walks through the city. So what could be more natural than an acoustic city guide?"

    At the upcoming 2022 Classical Mandolin Society of America convention September 21-25 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Florian will lead the Mandocello sectional, perform at concerts, and present workshops.


    From the recording, the opening track "Sazanami gazelle."

    Track Listing

    • Sazanami gazelle
    • Allegro in D Major, WK 198
    • Julie-O (Arr. for Mandolin)
    • Preludio No. 16, Op. 152
    • Journey to Pazardzhik
    • Remembrance, Op. 12
    • Diferencias
    • Remembrance No. 2, Op. 25
    • Irish Stew
    • The Rising Sun
    • Remembrance No. 3, Op. 26
    • Schlaflied
    • My Lady Jazz (Version for Mandola)

    Additional Information

    Florian Klaus Rumpf
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