• E-learning Italian Mandolin Launched by Carlo Aonzo and Giorgio Fabbri

    E-learning Italian Mandolin

    SAVONA, ITALY — Carlo Aonzo has announced the launch of E-learning Italian Mandolin, the result of two years of intensive preparation for students of Italian music wishing to study online.

    In the new venture, Aonzo partners with Giorgio Fabbri, Professor of Music Analysis at the Conservatory of Bologna, as well as Professor at the University of Ferrara and Pavia with 40 years of experience in the artistic, didactic and training fields.

    E-learning Italian Mandolin is intended to offer training on the Italian repertoire for mandolin, from Baroque to Contemporary Era. It represents a preparation and pre-requisite for the next parts, that will approach the Romantic and Contemporary repertoire.

    Teaching units deal with the most representative Italian composers of the mandolin repertoire, from Vivaldi to Cecere, from Paganini to Bortolazzi. Works by Beethoven are also included due to his engagement with the new trendy iconic Italian instrument of the time.

    All the compositions analyzed in the video-lectures are carefully revised and transcribed in a modern version, based on original manuscript and published sources. Students have free access to high quality scores and parts and can use them for public musical activity and can proceed through the materials at their own.


    • Technique lessons
    • Antonio Vivaldi, Mandolin Concerto in C major RV425 (Allegro, Largo, Allegro)
    • Carlo Cecere, Mandolin Concerto in A major (Allegro ma non presto, Largo, Grazioso)
    • The Baroque Sonata and Suite
    • Bartolomeo Bortolazzi, Theme and Variations for Mandolin and Guitar in G major
    • Niccolò Paganini, Sonata per Ravano M.S.14 for Mandolin and Guitar in E major
    • Ludwig Van Beethoven, Sonatina WoO43a for Mandolin and Piano in C minor
    • Filippo Gragnani, Notturno n. 1 for Mandolin and Guitar in D major

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