• Avi Avital Mandolin & Strings Masterclass Coming to Cremona, Italy December 5-8

    Avi Avital

    CREMONA, ITALY — The Stauffer Center for Strings has announced an Avi Avital led masterclass to be held here December 5-8, an exclusive workshop aimed to explore a fascinating repertoire, starting from the Baroque and ending with Paganini.

    The course is open to mandolinists and violinists, possibly engaged in chamber ensembles. Though free to charge, video auditions are required and students are responsible for their own costs relating to travel, accommodation and board in Cremona, as well as other personal expenses.

    Included is the special participation of Salvatore Accardo with the staging of the "Vivaldi Project." There will be a final concert streamed live from the Stradivari Room of the Stauffer Center in which students will perform Vivaldi concertos for violin and mandolin (and other repertoires for solo mandolin/violin and string orchestra), accompanied by a string ensemble.

    About The Stauffer Center for Strings

    The Fondazione Centro di Musicologia Walter Stauffer is one of the most important private institutions for the promotion of music and music culture in Italy. Stauffer has its institutional headquarters at the historic Palazzo Raimondi. In 2015 Stauffer acquired ownership of Palazzo Stradiotti, an iconic building that, after major renovation works, was returned to the city of Cremona as Palazzo Stauffer. The building now houses the Stauffer Center for Strings. Dedicated to string players, this innovative multifunctional campus has inspired the entire international music community.

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