• New Music from Acoustic Disc - Radim Zenkl and Ondra Kozk Eastern Grass

    New Music from Acoustic Disc - Radim Zenkl and Ondra Kozk Eastern Grass

    PORT TOWNSEND, WASH. — Acoustic Disc has announced the release of Eastern Grass in download format by Radim Zenkl, master musician from the Czech Republic, returning this time to Acoustic Disc with his fellow countryman Ondra Kozk.

    Both artists are multi-instrumentalists with Radim on mandolin, mandola, whistle, fujara flute, didgeridoo and Ondra on guitar, violin, dobro, bass guitar. They also contribute lead and harmony vocals on some tracks, in three different languages: English, Czech and Slovak.

    This impressive collection features original compositions plus classic pieces and traditional songs from both sides of the Atlantic with distinctive arrangements, resulting in a plethora of amazing sounds. These acoustic gems are played in the style that has influenced them the most: bluegrass, while weaving in influences from their Czech roots, hence Eastern Grass.


    From the recording, the opening track "Twin Peaks."

    Track Listing

    • Twin Peaks
    • Leela
    • Josephinelust
    • Rollin On
    • Firewood
    • Ako vnok
    • Expected
    • Pijk mudrk
    • Pomněnky
    • Kvalka
    • Bonapartes Retreat
    • El Cumbancheros

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      Radim's latest album on David Grisman's Acoustic Disc is fantastic!

      Radim is at the top of his game. The album has such lovely playing, great variety, and he's really smokin' on the beginning and ending numbers!

      It's hard to imagine a more satisfying work from a true original.

      Additionally, the recording quality is excellent (and hi-res download option at no additional charge).