• Sirens: Imaginary Journeys for Solo Mandolin, by David "Gus" Garelick

    Sirens: Imaginary Journeys for Solo Mandolin

    SANTA ROSE, CALIF.Sirens: Imaginary Journeys for Solo Mandolin is a new collection of written and recorded music from David "Gus" Garelick, self-published and available for purchase on amazon.com.

    This challenging collection of mandolin solos is intended for the more advanced player. The music is written in standard notation, though a few of the pieces are in tablature, which clarifies some of the more difficult passages. There are 21 tunes, mostly original music, but the book also includes arrangements of other pieces from various world music sources: Italian, Greek, Russian, Israeli, Mexican, and more. An accompanying CD of the pieces will be available as a separate download with purchase.

    About the collection, Garelick says, "The tunes in this collection take you on nine imaginary journeys, beginning with the title piece, Sirens, an evocation of the Greek islands of Homer's Odyssey. From this very magical place, we move to Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and then on to northern California and finally the wilderness of 18th century northern Michigan in the tune called 'Northwest Passage'. Many of these tunes are original compositions, but others are arrangements or transcriptions of traditional tunes.

    "These tunes were composed over an extended period of time, initially improvised, then revised, and revised again. Undoubtedly, every mandolin player will interpret these tunes and make even further changes. For the traditional tunes I've arranged, this is part of the folk process. For the original tunes, I'm sure mandolin players will hear it a different way. Not the folk process; just artistic license. Or maybe magic."


    From the recording, the title track "Sirens," an original composition by the author.


    • Sirens
    • Deceiving Eyes Twin mandolins
    • Tarantella Stella Adorata The Hot Frittatas, Cafe Liscio (2001)
    • Cu Abballa Abballa
    • Tarantella Ticino
    • Moldavansky Waltz
    • Kirchoff’s Medley
    • Black Sea Waltz
    • Song for a Loved One
    • Tenebre Infinita
    • Zufulo Inammorata
    • Polka Milanese, The Hot Frittatas
    • Mandolino Volpe
    • Bluegrass Fanfare
    • Drivin up Tomki, Late Nite Radio
    • Ole Los Mujeres, Tony Flores
    • Mazurka di San Juan
    • Valse Diablo
    • Going Away
    • Farewell to Petaluma
    • Northwest Passage

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