• New Music - David Grisman's New Smokey Grass Boys

    David Grisman's New Smokey Grass Boys

    PORT TOWNSEND, WASH. — Acoustic Disc has announced the digital release of David Grisman's New Smokey Grass Boys.

    About the recordings, Grisman states in the liner notes, "These recordings recently surfaced in a box marked simply New Smokey Grass Boys, a name similar to the one I came up with for a short-lived bluegrass band formed in Berkeley, 1966 with Herb Pedersen, Rick Shubb and Jil Haber.

    "Upon listening, I was amazed to discover a treasure trove of bluegrass instrumentals played by 4/5 of my newly-formed quintet (Tony Rice, Darol Anger, Todd Phillips, myself) and a fine banjo player named Robert Bowden.

    "I'm happy now to share this vibrant music, made nearly 50 years ago and now rescued
    from it's place on the shelf in Dawg Studios. Who knows? Maybe we'll find more!


    From the recording, the track "New Camptown Races."

    Track Listing

    • Katy Hill
    • Monroe's Hornpipe
    • Big Mon
    • Fisher's Hornpipe
    • Shenandoah Breakdown
    • Blackberry Blossom
    • Durham's Bull
    • Wheel Hoss
    • New Camptown Races
    • Stoney Creek
    • Ralph's Banjo Special
    • Lonesome Fiddle Blues
    • Eighth of January
    • Raw Hide
    • Big Mon take 2

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    1. journeybear's Avatar
      journeybear -
      This is great on so many levels - for recording it, for finding it after so long, for releasing it to the world, and heck, for playing it in the first place. I just hope no one got a ticket for speeding!