• New Music - Darol Anger, Mike Marshall, Tony Rice, Todd Phillips: Live November 30, 2001

    New Music - Darol Anger, Mike Marshall, Tony Rice, Todd Phillips: Live November 30, 2001

    Mike Marshall has announced the release of a new recording featuring Darol Anger, Mike Marshall, Tony Rice, Todd Phillips: Live November 30th 2001, the band taking the moniker Ook'n'm.

    About the group and the recording, Marshall told us, "'My first experience visiting the Bay Area in
    1978 and playing with these cats was like a dream. The most swinging groove you could imagine emanating from Tony Rice's guitar as he responded with power and elegance to everything we threw at him. Todd Phillips anchoring the ship while swaying like the tipsy man in the box car, Darol Anger sailed over top referencing all the melodies we had all grown up with. Thanks to recording engineer Dave Sinko for capturing this live recording so cleanly and clearly. It is a pretty nice representation of what we were trying to do, stretching ourselves musically and pushing the envelope of acoustic music while holding on dearly to our musical roots."


    From the recording, the opening track, "Old Gray Coat."

    Track Listing

    • Old Gray Coat
    • Dysentary Stomp
    • Scotch And Swing
    • Swing 51
    • Manzanita
    • In The Pines
    • Fish Scale
    • Devlin
    • Big Monk
    • We Three
    • Old Dangerfield
    • Wayfaring Stranger
    • Key Signator
    • Ride The Wild Turkey

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    1. Eric Platt's Avatar
      Eric Platt -
      Glad this is being released. Was at the show they did in Minneapolis, MN. Magical night of music.
    1. Nick Royal's Avatar
      Nick Royal -
      It is amazing to think of 3 of the 4 super musicians are still actively performing!
    1. Old Dog Dave's Avatar
      Old Dog Dave -
      OMG!! This is magnificent. This is about as close to perfection as a group of musicians can ever get. Kind of like the cover photo: Picture perfect. Wow!!
    1. michaelsondavid81's Avatar
      michaelsondavid81 -
      Exciting news! Mike Marshall, Darol Anger, Tony Rice, and Todd Phillips formed Ook'n'm in 2001. Their live recording is a must-listen!
    1. mandopops's Avatar
      mandopops -
      This is quite a surprise. My brother & I were there that night. They were superb, relaxed & enjoying themselves. I seem to remember that George Harrison had just died so Darol & Mike played “Here Comes the Sun”. Still have my ticket stub. It just lists them by their names, not Ook’n’m.

      Joe B
    1. Drew Egerton's Avatar
      Drew Egerton -
      Such an amazing show, so glad it was saved and released for us to enjoy. I'm inspired to brush up on Dysentery Stomp. What a fun tune!
    1. Mike Marshall's Avatar
      Mike Marshall -
      Ooknm was a funny moniker we would use for when we would get into some kind of crazy syncopated cross-rhythmic stuff. So we ended up referring to the group by that name. Mostly just amongst ourselves.
    1. tmsweeney's Avatar
      tmsweeney -
      I think they may have mentioned this show in "Still Inside" the Tony Rice Biography.
      We used to play a good portion of it in my string band for a while, its kind of a sampling of my musical catalogue for the past 30 years.
      Only about half way through, the clarity and grace they all bring to this material, all the while improvising on it, is of uncommon character. Seems to me like Mike was really shining and taking to the limit, so glad to hear this music in the spot light!