• Fiddler's Green Music Shop Takes a New Location in Lockhart, Texas

    Fiddler's Green Music Shop
    Photo credit: Jay Baltierra

    LOCKHART, TEX. — Fiddlerís Green Music Shop has assumed a new location for their retail operation in Lockhart, Texas (population 14K+). In early 2020 just as the pandemic unfolded they were the subject of a feature article (Tales from the Pandemic: New Location and Owner for Fiddler's Green Music Shop) from August 4, 2020. The store is now ready to welcome customers into their new shop.

    We spoke with owners Ben and Jenn Hodges about the new location. Ben told us, "As some may remember, we moved during the pandemic from our long time Austin location to a basement space in Lockhart, about a half hour south of Austin and where our family calls home. After three years we were presented with the opportunity to purchase a beautiful historic building in downtown Lockhart, directly across the street from the basement we were renting.

    "Our good friends Janet and J.J. Grigar, who own the Lockhart screen printing and framing business 'Logos' approached us when they decided to sell their building. The Grigars are longtime residents and champions of Lockhart both in historical preservation and by being valuable members of our lovely small town community. They were committed to finding a small mom and pop business to be the new caretakers of this 1896 building and were extremely gracious during the process. We certainly could not have made this happen without their friendship and dedication and will forever be grateful to them.

    "The new space is absolutely perfect for Fiddlerís Green! We now have a large street level storefront and showroom complete with 15' windows that fill the space with beautiful natural light. We did some remodeling and uncovered the original 1896 hardwood floors, and now have much more room for backstock, shipping, lessons, and a full workshop on site. It took us about six weeks of hard work to get the renovations done, and now that we are open we will be turning our focus to updating our website with detailed photos of all of our new inventory. Online customers can expect a large amount of inventory to be added in the next couple of weeks.

    "We would like to thank everyone for their support during this transition and we canít wait to visit with you in our new space!"

    The new Fiddler's Green Music Shop is located at 108 N. Main Street, Lockhart, TX 78644.
    (512) 452-3900.

    Additional Information

    Fiddler's Green Music Shop
    Photo credit: Jay Baltierra

    Fiddler's Green Music Shop
    Photo credit: Ben Hodges

    Fiddler's Green Music Shop
    Photo credit: Jay Baltierra

    Fiddler's Green Music Shop
    Photo credit: Jay Baltierra

    Fiddler's Green Music Shop
    Photo credit: Jay Baltierra
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    1. addamr's Avatar
      addamr -
      Congratulations and best of luck.

    1. PaulBFree's Avatar
      PaulBFree -
      Beautiful space! Congratulations and good wishes.
    1. Alfons's Avatar
      Alfons -
      Congrats! Looks like a good reason to visit Texas. Nice job on the space.
    1. TX2AK's Avatar
      TX2AK -
      Congrats, glad to see you are back open and in the new space! I can’t wait to find a weekend to make a trip down. I haven’t been there since undgrad days at UT, when we periodically made the “pilgrimage” to Shiner and always made a point to hit Kreuz’s on the way back!!!
    1. GMorgan's Avatar
      GMorgan -
      I used to go to the old shop when it was in Austin, but it moved just before the pandemic to Lockhart. Although I visited the relocated business once the pandemic began to fade, it was down a difficult flight of stairs and wasn't quite as accessible as I would have preferred. However, I bought my first mandolin from Ben and really like his operation. I called him yesterday to ask about the new digs right across the street from the other shop and it sounds really, really nice. My wife and I are already planning on a trip to Lockhart in the very near future. And, Ben assured me that a pizza joint that I discovered when I was there last time is still up and running as well. Time for the short road trip from our home! Fun news!
    1. Rich Benson's Avatar
      Rich Benson -
      Best of Luck! one of my favorite stores!!
      Ben does a great job and is a strand-up guy!!
    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      One of the downsides to all this moving was that they had a ton of nice mandolins they'd acquired for the new space but their photo setup wasn't yet available. But that's now in the process of changing and they're adding those now. Counted 26 mandolin family instruments on their wall in the photo above. I'd say based on this they've graduated from kind of the mom and pop retailer for mandolins into a serious placed for the hunt and Ben tells us they plan to grow that inventory. And with their proximity to Austin they get new instruments hot of the bench from Ellis and Pava. See here.
    1. manjitsu's Avatar
      manjitsu -
      Lucky me. :-)

    1. CES's Avatar
      CES -
      Iíve bought a mandolin and a guitar from them, and have been very happy with both. The Rigel CT-110 mandolin was first and from the old Austin location. Because of the way they process credit cards (or did at the time), I had to call my cc company and reassure them that, yes, I was trying to buy a very nice mandolin in TX (Iím in NC). Dude on the other end of the call was cracking up at my implorationsÖ

      When I called back probably a year and a half later to buy my McPherson Touring from them, Ben actually remembered our previous interaction. His description of both instruments was spot on, and he was a pleasure to talk shop with. Best of luck to them, and I hope to make it out there to meet in person some day!
    1. soliver's Avatar
      soliver -
      If only I lived close enough!... looks like a great space!
    1. Willow20's Avatar
      Willow20 -
      I visited Bens shop in Austin a few times he was always ready to help.
      Now I have 2 reasons to revisit Ben try out a few mandolins [since I'm always on the hunt] and get some of the best Barbeque Texas has to offer.