• Crossrock Case Company Announces New F Style Mandola Wood Case

    Crossrock Case Company Announces New Wooden Mandola Case

    SANTA FE SPRINGS, CALIF. — Crossrock Case Company has announced the availability of their new F Style Mandola Wood Case designed with the Eastman MDA315 as a sample, but also crafted to accommodate mandolas of similar size, including the Gibson H5.

    Available in black, brown and tweed, the case retails at an introductory price of $139.99.


    • Material: Wood & PVC
    • Fitted Instrument: Mandola F
    • Package Dimensions: 76x35x13cm (30x14x5.2in)
    • Shipping Weight:5.3kg (11.7lb)
    • Net Weight: 3.8kg (8.4lb)
    • Accessories: keys, pads
    • 2 latches and 2 hinges. One of the latch comes with a key
    • Soft PVC leather covered handle offers comfortable carrying
    • Corners Protection: thick PVC leather strips and metal covering the 4 corners
    • Large accessory compartment build-in with 2 separated rooms for storage

    The interior of the case has a deep plush lining for added cushioning. It also includes a large accessory compartment with 2 separated rooms for storing additional items. The case includes foam blocks on the upper lid to secure the neck and the endtail of the mandola.

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    1. MikeEdgerton's Avatar
      MikeEdgerton -
      Whoa! They own that market. I already have a case for my mandola and I'm having to tell myself not to buy one.
    1. Chuck Leyda's Avatar
      Chuck Leyda -
      Great timing! I have a mandola almost ready but we are struggling to find a suitable case. It has a 17 inch scale and an A style body with 12 inch width so....not sure it would fit but maybe with some tinkering.
    1. meow-n-dolin's Avatar
      meow-n-dolin -
      Just ordered one...