• New Music - Standards on Snare, Mandolin, and Bass Clarinet by Berger, Jolliff and Spiegelman

    Standards on Snare, Mandolin, and Bass Clarinet by Berger, Jolliff and Spiegelman

    NEW YORK — Adhyâropa Records is proud to announce the October 6 release of Standards on Snare, Mandolin, and Bass Clarinet, an album of jazz standards by trio Jason Berger, Jacob Jolliff and Alec Spiegelman. The trio plays a tight (in time) & loose (in arrangement) set of seven songs from that great musical tradition, now so long at the very roots of, and so continuously intertwined with all the other strains of American music.

    Three Brooklynites, mandolin virtuoso Jacob Jolliff is the contest-winning, ever-thoughtful, absolute shredder that you may have heard with Bela Fleck and the Yonder Mountain String Band. The first-ever person to be given a Berklee School of Music scholarship on that instrument.

    Alec Spiegelman plays bass clarinet and is the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Cuddle Magic, and a producer of albums by Ana Egge, and Taylor Ashton, among many others.

    In-demand, indie-everything drummer Jason Burger has played on many albums you love by Big Thief, Renata Zeiguer, and all the luckiest bands in Brooklyn any night of the week he's not traipsing around America. He adds to the release with just brushes on a snare.

    Jacob, Jason, and Alec recorded this album at the Webster, in Brooklyn, NY on a couple of days at the end of June 2022. It's all played pretty quietly, with intense gentle focus, and recorded with no isolation, the musicians close together and moving in the same air. It's a bunch of seriously casual takes, without arrangements, of tunes the trio had come to know pretty well by practicing the same repertoire together, in that same room, every couple of weeks, for a few months prior.


    From the album, the opening track, "Ornithology."

    Track Listing

    • Ornithology (Charlie Parker)
    • Stompin at the Savory (Edgar Sampson)
    • Detour Ahead (Herb Ellis/Johnny Frigo/Lou Carter)
    • Donna Lee (Charlie Parker)
    • In a Sentimental Mood (Duke Ellington)
    • Giant Steps (John Coltrane)
    • Celia (Bud Powell)

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    1. Nick Royal's Avatar
      Nick Royal -
      Looks interesting. I like combination of instruments too.
    1. Nathan Kellstadt's Avatar
      Nathan Kellstadt -
      Quote Originally Posted by Nick Royal View Post
      I like combination of instruments too.
      Agreed. I'm particularly happy to see the bass clarinet in the mix.
    1. Cheryl Watson's Avatar
      Cheryl Watson -
      I find this very unique and cool music with this combination of instruments! It is virtuosic, intellectual, and emotional all at once.
    1. Kenny's Avatar
      Kenny -
      Wow! I played bass clarinet decades ago but nothing approaching this. It’s added to my shopping list.
    1. Ted Eschliman's Avatar
      Ted Eschliman -
      Simply delightful!