• New Music - The Andrew Collins Trio: The Rule of Three

    The Andrew Collins Trip - The Rule of Three

    TORONTO, CANADA — The Andrew Collins Trio has announced the release of their new project entitled The Rule of Three.

    About the project Collins told us, "This is the first album of mine since Little Widgets that I didn't engineer or produce. It was recorded, mixed and produced by David Travers-Smith (who recorded Little Widgets, though I did produce that one). David has been a good friend and was absolutely my recording/producing mentor. He mastered all of my albums with the exception of Love Away the Hate.

    "We first worked together on Little Widgets and became fast friends ever since. I really wanted this album to be something different than what I would have created on my own, so working with him again was a no-brainer. He's a master engineer and such a creative force. The album is peppered with little Easter eggs throughout, so patient listeners will have a lot of little subtle (and not so subtle) musical gems to discover through repeated listens."

    On the project Collins plays mandolin, mandola, mandocello, fiddle and is joined by Mike Mezzatesta (mandolin, guitar, fiddle) and James McEleney (bass, mandocello on "How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?").


    From the recording, the track "That Jethro Really Burns!"

    Track Listing

    • Contranym
    • How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall
    • The Return to Dorrigo
    • Clair de Lune
    • It's a Berry-Not a Berry
    • The Rule of Three
    • Flea Bag
    • That Jethro Really Burns!
    • She's Like the Swallow
    • Shelter in Place

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    1. danielpatrick's Avatar
      danielpatrick -
      Excellent album!
    1. Baron Collins-Hill's Avatar
      Baron Collins-Hill -
    1. doc holiday's Avatar
      doc holiday -
      Quote Originally Posted by Baron Collins-Hill View Post
      I'm looking forward to hearing them in my home town in a few weeks. A great little venue @Artsplace in Canmore Alberta. It's going to be a bonus that Grant Gordy is sitting in on guitar. I've really enjoyed his playing with Joe K Walsh & Darol Anger @Wintergrass.
    1. jnikora's Avatar
      jnikora -
      I met Andrew at IBMA in Louisville - maybe 20 years ago. He was playing with The Creaking Tree String Quartet. Amazingly progressive and wonderful music and musicians - all very open, generous and friendly people. As a former student of Jethro, I can tell you he has really captured his essence and sound. Wonderful!
    1. Flynx's Avatar
      Flynx -
      I had the joy of seeing Andrew and the band last week and hearing some of the new music. The stories around the tunes were almost as good as the tunes themselves. Definitely take the time to see Andrew and the trio if you have a chance.
    1. Paul Statman's Avatar
      Paul Statman -
      Bravo, Andrew!