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Mandolin Mondays #167 w/ Special Guest Jimmy Gaudreau

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We have a very special guest this week on Mandolin Mondays--the renowned Jimmy Gaudreau brings us an original tune performed on his Rose A Model Mandolin that was formerly owned by the late Orrin Star.

This month marks the 50th anniversary of Jimmy's professional career in music. In March 1969, he was a virtually unknown player when he moved to the DC area from his Rhode Island home to join The Country Gentlemen after the departure of John Duffey. Since then Jimmy's tasteful touch on the mandolin has left a mark on the bluegrass and new acoustic scene through his work with other such greats as JD Crowe and the New South, The Tony Rice Unit, and many, many more. In 2005, Jimmy was inducted into the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music in America's "Hall of Greats".

If you're new to Jimmy's catalog, you're in for a real treat! His discography encompasses a monumental amount of work. Tony Rice's Native American (1988) and Piece's and Bits (2010) are a couple of my personal favorites. You can check out all of Jimmy's current merchandise here:

Jimmy dedicates this video in memory of Orrin Star 1955-2017.

Be sure to connect with Jimmy at the following links below for more information about his music:

And as always, tune in next week for more Mandolin Mondays! Until then...

Happy Picking!

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  1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Jimmy! Beautiful song and tribute to Orrin, someone we miss seeing around here.
  2. grassrootphilosopher's Avatar
    I remember fondly a concert of Bennet/Auldridge/Gaudreau in Switzerland in 1999 and the ensuing workshop. Despite Jimmy Gaudreau´s pencil grip of the pick I can credit him for my change from using the round side of the pick to using the pointy side of a teardrop shaped pick to attack the strings. I was also advised that you cannot drive a band with a mandolin. I still think about that from time to time. Yet I think that there may be ways around it. There was also a woman in that workshop (sitting next to me) who described her problem to JG. She had problems fingering the closed position G chord. JG said that she had to stretch a bit. But alas, her fingers were so short, she indeed couldn´t stretch her fingers to grip the closed position G chord. It left JG shaking his head (me too). Fond memories... and the music.
  3. Bill Foss's Avatar
    So great to hear Mr. Gaudreau again! Thanks David!
  4. Alfons's Avatar
    Nice playing, nice tune - I hope Ilias appreciates it as much as I do! Love your work.
  5. Bud Barnwell's Avatar
    Absolutely beautiful tune Jimmy. I've been a fan of you for years. Thanks so much for sharing with us.
  6. RichieK's Avatar
    Great to see JAG again! Excellent picking and tune.
  7. re simmers's Avatar
    1980, I think, was the last big festival at Indian Springs, MD. Spectrum played Friday night. Part of their show was JAG playing a good instrumental while Shatz clogged. No other instruments. It’s been too long, but I think he was playing Blackberry Rag. It was my first festival and JAG was the first mandolin picker I remember.
    I have become a big fan of his steel guitar licks on mandolin. What a picker.
    Bob Simmers
  8. robbif's Avatar
    Thanks for spreading the news. Jimmy asked me also.

    I'm thriiled Jimmy's dedicating his tune to Orrin, who was also a friend of mine...

    May he Rest in Peace.

    I met Orrin when I recorded him in 1975...
    Updated Mar-11-2019 at 7:41pm by robbif (Add recording link)
  9. ccravens's Avatar
    What a treat and a pleasure.

    Many thanks.
  10. Denny Gies's Avatar
    What a great way to begin the day, thanks.
  11. EvanElk's Avatar
    Great tune, wonderful tone and chops!
  12. Jesper's Avatar
    What a nice tune. - Love it !!!!!!!!!!
  13. sgarrity's Avatar
    Jimmy is a great picker. And Orrin was a friend of mine. Got to play that Rose A5 on a handful of occasions. A really fine mandolin! Happy to see Orrin being honored.