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Notes from the Field

Light in the Dark

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We all go through grey and dark times: Being alone when I did not want to be, being with people Iíd rather not be. Not having what I want and having a lot I donít, not being who I want to be by this time, or worse, having to ask myself, as did Peggy Lee: "Is that all there is?"

Being caught in a lie, or worse, being caught in a truth.

And darker times.

Losing friends over ridiculous arguments far less important (or informed) than was the friendship. Losing friends to eternity through disease, structural infirmities, or their own really bad decisions.

Not to mention my own increasing limitations, brushes with eternity, and reminders of what is important that I didn't know and donít have time anymore to fix.

Madame de StaŽl is supposed to have said that in life, one must choose between boredom and suffering. Or was it Woody Allen?

Well I throw it back in both their faces.

We musicians have another choice. The joy of playing. Playing together between fits of hilarity and remembrance. Playing alone chasing music of extraordinary beauty. Waking up knowing that what ever may happen, we can get through it for a few more days till the weekly jam, and in an emergency, we can always call a friend to come over and pick a few. Knowing that while the solutions are perhaps not in that mandolin case, there are much more important things than solutions anyway.

While the devil, the fool, and death are always out there, playing music reminds us that for awhile anyway, they need only be tarot cards, safely stowed in a drawer. Even the aforementioned philosopher Peggy Lee said: "Let's keep dancing."

Letís play music folks. Play hard. Play for our very lives.

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  1. Edster's Avatar
    Very Profound Jeff, I can see myself in there. Love it man. Thanks bud
  2. Gelsenbury's Avatar
    Great writing and an important message! Thank you for sharing.