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Mandolin Mondays #314 /// "Methodist Preacher"

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This week on Mandolin Mondays, thought I'd take a little spin on this fun fiddle tune "Methodist Preacher" that we've been looking at here recently on the channel! Lots of fun stuff that you can do with this one!

I've got a free pdf tab/notation transcription for all the notes I played in this video right here:

Also, if you'd like to learn the basic melody to this tune, here's a recent lesson video over on the YouTube channel:

If you'd like to support the series and get access to much more mandolin content and learning material, check out my Patreon page here:

And as always, tune in next week for more Mandolin Mondays! Until then...

Happy Picking!

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  1. Bob Buckingham's Avatar
    Ah David, as a band mate said to me nearly 30 years ago after a rather extravagant fiddle break, "stick to the melody son". Nice job even with the Bebop phrasing.
  2. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    What a great tune! As always, wonderful picking!! Thanks for sharing, David!
  3. lowtone2's Avatar
    Great job, David! Nice tone, even at that tempo, and so clean. I know just enough to understand something about the focus required for that. And very inventive too. The couple of instances where you add a little extra tension really sets it off, and a few b3rds scattered around, some chromaticism, it all seemed very intentional...I listened to it three times.

    I kept listening for the "bebop phrasing" but couldn't hear it, so i printed off the PDF. Nope, straight 8ths except for those syncopated beginning phrases that are just typical old-time fiddler, and not a rest anywhere in the piece, much less an 8th rest, and all the phrases are pretty even. I'll keep looking.
  4. James Vwaal's Avatar
    This was nice no matter what you threw in or left out.