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Mandolin Mondays #324 w/ Special Guest Teo Quale

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Returning to Mandolin Mondays this week, we have the incredible Teo Quale from the bands Crying Uncle, Jubilee, and The Barefoot Quales, with us to play an original tune called "Roaming with Homer" played on his 2006 Giacomel mandolin.

Teo Quale age 15, is a mandolinist and fiddler from Alameda, CA who has been delighting audiences with his inventive and heavily grooved mandolin playing. Teo is fearless on the mandolin, playing with both a rhythmic and melodic creativity that never abandons the groove. He is the mandolinist for Crying Uncle Duo, Crying Uncle Bluegrass Band, and Jubilee; he is also the guitarist for the band, Who’s Feeling Young Now. In 2021, Teo was nominated for the IBMA Instrumentalist Award.

Teo is also an accomplished contest fiddler and picker, having won several picking contests in California and nationally in fiddle. On mandolin, Teo holds 1st Place in the 2018 Open Division CA State Picking Contest. And, in 2019, he was a finalist in Freshgrass Festival’s Mandolin Contest. No slouch on the fiddle, Teo is a 2-time National Fiddle Champion in the Jr. Jr. division in Weiser, Idaho (2019, 2018) and placed in the Top 3 in the 2019 Youth Grand Master Fiddlers Championship in Nashville, TN. He is also the 2019 CA State Fiddle Contest Champion of the Jr. Jr. Division.

Catch Crying Uncle out on tour this year at Delfest in May, as well as High Sierra, Fathers Day Bluegrass Festival, Parkfield Bluegrass Festival, and La Roche Bluegrass Festival in France.

Be sure to connect with Teo at the following links below for more information about his music:

And as always, tune in next week for more Mandolin Mondays! Until then...

Happy Picking!

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  1. Alfons's Avatar
    Thanks dude! Very nice indeed!!! I really like your composition Roaming with Homer, your picking and tone are great.
  2. John Soper's Avatar
    Nice tune, great playing and a really good sounding axe!
  3. lukmanohnz's Avatar
    Soooooo gooooood!!!!! I love the tune, love the playing, love that beautiful mandolin. What a great way to start the week. Thank you, Teo!!!!!!
  4. Don Stiernberg's Avatar
    Teo does it all, kind of like a baseball player that can play any position and hits in the manner that helps the team in any situation. I would add that Teo is a gifted natural improviser, able to spin out wonderful solos spontaneously in many styles. And now here he is writing tunes! Awesome, Teo...keep swinging, keep it relaxed and fun, keep playing great!
  5. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Wow!!!! What a great tune! Great picking with a great groove! Thanks, Teo, for sharing!
  6. William Smith's Avatar
    Great Stuff! Dawg told me about this brand and raved about them! I can clearly hear why-Awesome voice for a very odd look but super KOOL I think!
  7. KCNelson's Avatar
    Wow, what inspired playing! Thank you, Teo, for bringing this song into the world. I look forward to many more.
  8. Cheryl Watson's Avatar
    Thank you, Teo, you are so musically gifted! This tune is a great example of keeping the grove and steady meter going in a solo piece with a lot of variance in the pick strokes and timing.