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Mandolin Mondays #374 w/ Special Guest Ethan Setiawan

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Returning to Mandolin Mondays this week, we have mandolinist Ethan Setiawan playing a stunning crosspicking original tune from his forthcoming album. The composition is called "Uncrossed" and Ethan is playing his Monteleone Grand Artist here.

Originally from Goshen, Indiana, Ethan Setiawan has a command of the instrument far beyond his twenty-five years. He's a Berklee School of Music Alum, and has won both the National Mandolin Championship at Winfield, KS and the Rockygrass Mandolin Championship. Setiawan is an in-demand side man and band member, and can be seen playing with his band Corner House, Darol Anger, and Tony Trischka among others.

Now, Ethan is getting ready to release a brand new mandolin album entitled Gambit featuring Darol Anger, Tony Trischka, Mike Marshall, Joe K. Walsh and more. The record launches on March 31st, 2023, and you can preorder physical/digital copies of the CD as well as his companion transcription book through his website here:

Here's a word from Ethan about the mandolin in this video, "This is a Monteleone Grand Artist, circa 2000. I got it from the Music Emporium in Lexington MA about 2 years ago. Iíve been really lucky to have it and itís been a great fit for me and my playing style. On the record version of this tune, Iím playing a Gibson Sam Bush model that has since left my possession."

Be sure to connect with Ethan at the following links below for more information about his music:

And as always, tune in next week for more Mandolin Mondays! Until then...

Happy Picking!

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  1. tmsweeney's Avatar
    That Grand Artist tone is to die for, having Ethan generate it help too!
  2. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Love the tune! Propelling!! Great tone! Well played! Thanks for sharing! Look forward to hearing the new album!
  3. ccravens's Avatar
    So awesome!

  4. geechee's Avatar
    Superb - I've seen a number of pics of Monteleones over the years, but not much audio. I get it now. Thanks for this added dimension.
  5. Alfons's Avatar
    Yes Sir!