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Mandolin Mondays w/ Special Guest Elisa Meyer Ferreira

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Returning to Mandolin Mondays this week we have Elisa Meyer Ferreira of Choro das 3 with a very special performance of Jacob do Bandolim's tune “Primas e Bordőes” on her late mentor Paulo Fasanaro's mandolin.

The youngest sister of Choro das 3, Elisa started studying music at 8 years old, diving straight into learning choro. She studied the bandolim at the Tatui Conservatory under professor Altino Tolodo, later taking up clarinet in the classical area of the Conservatory.

And if you don't know Choro das 3, they're one of the best choro bands on the scene today. Defintiely check out their music at the links below.

Here's a word from Elisa about this video, "The piece I chose is called “Primas e Bordőes”, which is an old style therm to name the top and bass strings. First time I’ve heard it, the iPod (yes, that very old kind) was playing on the aleatory mode, and it suddenly started to play this beautiful piece with very old audio. I was sitting on my garden in a beautiful summer evening. I asked my sister: who is it??? She didn’t know, we checked the recording and it was Jacob do Bandolim, in a home recording. I fell in love with the piece since then and learned specifically for Mandolin Mondays recently 😊.

Also you can see I’m using a different mandolin than the usual. This mandolin belonged to a very dear friend and mentor called Paulo Fasanaro. He was an amazing composer and met many of the best choro players ever. I grew up playing on this mandolin because every time I went to the jam sessions he would be excited to let me play his instrument. Therefore, my first mandolin made by a luthier was built according to Mr. Paulo’s mandolin measurements. Well, unfortunately Mr. Paulo had to go play bandolim in heaven and the day I wish never came, arrived. It was my family’s gift for my birthday. I decided to record this videos with his mandolin and using the strings that he played for the last time. This is my little “homenagem” to this dear friend that I miss a lot. I’m very honored to take care of his bandolim from now on. Thank you Mandolin Mondays for having me again!"

Be sure to connect with Elisa at the following links below for more information about her music:

And as always, tune in next week for more Mandolin Mondays! Until then...

Happy Picking!

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  1. JEStanek's Avatar
    Beautifully played. A very nice homanagem to Paulo.

  2. Alfons's Avatar
    Beautiful music, beautifully played
  3. ccravens's Avatar
    What an amazing and beautiful tribute.
  4. Jim Garber's Avatar
    Beautiful tune played exquisitely. I saw Choro das 3 quite a few years ago n New York City and Elisa was excellent back then and is even more impressive now. What a treat!
  5. William Smith's Avatar
    Thats really sweetly played! Well done.
  6. asIsaidtomyfriend's Avatar
    Amazing! And great camerawork- how cool to see both left and right hand technique up close. I'm not so familiar with Choro so it was Django who sprang to my mind. Thank you!
  7. chasray's Avatar
  8. Bill McCall's Avatar
    Wonderful as always. And she plays piano, and she’s done the artwork on at least one of their cds. Such a treat to hear.
  9. BillWilliams's Avatar
    A delight.

    Lovely music and great camerawork.
  10. John Soper's Avatar
    wonderful execution, tone, and tune! Bravo!
  11. Clement Barrera-Ng's Avatar
    Beautiful playing as always and what a wonderful homage to your mentor. I know Mr. Fasanaro must be so proud