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Mandolin Mondays #382 w/ Special Guest Abbey Thomas

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This week on Mandolin Mondays we're joined by UK mandolinist Abbey Thomas of the band Blue Lass playing a beautiful original tune called "End of the Night Waltz" on her Capek F5 mandolin.

Growing up in the far corner of Cornwall, Abbey Thomas had to travel far and wide to find the music she loved. She soon bought a mandolin and began to focus on American folk genres including bluegrass and old-time music, and now her mandolin playing is confident with a rich tone, and a style heavily inspired by the likes of John Reischman and Joe K Walsh. Mandolin in hand, she performs regularly with multiple bluegrass bands including Blue Lass, Old Baby Mackerel, and Flats and Sharps. Abbey also loves exploring British instrumental folk music, enjoying learning new tunes on the mandolin and melodeon, and learning to sing unaccompanied traditional ballads. Abbey’s performances are dynamic and varied, including a mixture of traditional and contemporary music alongside original pieces inspired by the nature where she grew up.

Here's a word from Abbey about the original tune in this video, "'End of the Night Waltz' is a tune named in honour of the bittersweet feeling at the end of a festival when you’ve had the best time but you know it’ll be over soon."

Be sure to connect with Abbey at the links below for more info about her music:

And as always, tune in next week for more Mandolin Mondays! Until then...

Happy Picking!

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  1. Scot63's Avatar
    That was really beautiful! Thank you.
  2. Paul Cowham's Avatar
    I have happy memories of meeting Abbey (and her mum) back in 2017 at the Crossover festival in the Uk. I also recall that we had a late night "jam" on the Friday eve. I was really impressed with her mandolin playing, and it is great to see her doing well. Lovely playing here too.

    If you read this Abbey, bests to you (and your mum!), Paul
    Updated May-02-2023 at 2:49am by Paul Cowham
  3. JonDoug's Avatar
    Wonderfully contemplative, with lots going on below the seeming calm. Great!
  4. nick delmore's Avatar
    Didn't recognize the instrument she was playing. It would be nice if the make & year were included in every M.M. description. I know they sometimes are but I'm always curious about the mandolin & I imagine others are too.
  5. DougC's Avatar
    Lovely tune on that Capek F5 mandolin.