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Mandolin Mondays #383 w/ Special Guest Emory Lester

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Returning to Mandolin Mondays this week, we have the incredible Emory Lester playing an original tune called "Kings Quest" on his Heiden Heritage Model.

EMORY LESTER is one of this day's foremost exponents of the acoustic mandolin. The power and attach of his mandolin playing are unmatched, and his sound is infectious. His landmark mandolin-featured recording projects have placed him among the elite mandolinists of our time. His latest solo recording titled 'At Dusk' showcases Emory's musical creativity, and skill as a mandolinist and multi-instrumentalist. Emory has undeniably inspired and influenced many of today's current wave of modern day mandolinists, pointing the way with his clean, clear, fast and efficient mandolin techniques.

Emory is currently performing with 'Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa', doing shows across the U.S. Canada, Europe and the U.K. Also, his fourteen year friendship and musical collaboration with noted 'Clawgrass' banjoist Mark Johnson has yielded four very creative recording projects. Mark and Emory have toured all across the U.S. and have been featured on several performances with Steve Martin, most notably on the 'Late Night with David Letterman' television show in September of 2012. Emory also will be performing with his partner Jill Jones in the new 'Emory Lester & Jill Jones Band', at upcoming concerts and festivals. A life-long Virginia native, but currently residing in Ontario Canada, Emory has been teaching master series workshops at events such as the Steve Kaufman Acoustic Kamp, the Mandolin Symposium, the Swannanoah Gathering, the Goderich Celtic College, the Alaska Guitar Camp, the Transatlantic Bluegrass School in Wales U.K. and many other prestigious schools and workshops far and wide. He has also produced many recording projects for other prominent artists

Emory also teaches private lessons, and is available for inquiries here:

Here's a word from Emory about this video, "This is a solo version of a song I wrote and recorded for my ‘Cruisin’ the 8’ project back in 2002… obscure little tune in G minor called ‘Kings Quest’…..I hope you and everyone enjoys it as much as I enjoyed playing it and making it… for the new-found arthritis in my hands, which after playing this piece, I may need a small vacation!....haha….

The mandolin I'm playing is a Michael Heiden Heritage Model made in 2018, that I commissioned him to build for me. I still represent Northfield, and split time between my Northfields and my Heiden."

Be sure to connect with Emory at the links below for more info about his music:

And as always, tune in next week for more Mandolin Mondays! Until then...

Happy Picking!

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  1. Brian Ebie's Avatar
    I could listen to this over and over. Great playing, Emory, and an amazing sound coming out of that Heiden.
  2. chasray's Avatar
  3. Fretbear's Avatar
    That tone is the definition of "The Modern Sound".....
  4. Alfons's Avatar
    Excellent tune, playing and tone. Love the recording too! The audio and video are great. Love cruisin' The 8 and your other projects as well.
  5. chuck3's Avatar
    Love Emory's playing. He was an inspiration to me early on, and still is.
  6. William Smith's Avatar
    Emory is a fantastic player, I first heard him when he was on my late Great Uncle Dick Smith's first recording with Mike O' Reilly in 1998. Great Stuff!
  7. KEB's Avatar
    Sounds killer Emory-- nice work. A & E strings really sing on that Heiden!

    (Or could that be technique? Nah, probably just equipment )
  8. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Bostin, Emory! Still one of the best. Bravo, sir!