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Mandolin Mondays #400!

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Wow, another huge milestone for Mandolin Mondays--400 consecutive weeks! In celebration, I'm so excited to be with you all this week to play a little music with this 1923 Gibson A model snakehead mandolin that I recently acquired. Been loving the way that Bach's music sounds on this thing, so I thought I'd share my take on the beautiful Prelude from Cello Suite No. 1.

Can't thank you all enough for watching these 8 years! And a huge thanks to Scott Tichenor and the Mandolin Cafe for all the support--best website ever!

If you enjoy this series and other lesson videos on my YouTube channel, you can support the efforts over on my Patreon page here:

Thanks! And as always, tune in next week for more Mandolin Mondays! Until then...

Happy Picking!

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  1. Flynx's Avatar
    Congratulations on hitting 400, David. Fantastic achievement that has done an amazing job of capturing & preserving Mandolin history. And celebrating with such a gorgeous piece of music, beautifully played as well.
    Can't wait to see what you do for the 500th edition
  2. BillWilliams's Avatar
    Delightful sound on this one - thanks David.
  3. mandopops's Avatar
    Well done, David. I agree with you, I love playing Bach pieces on my vintage Gibson ovals. The sound is so engaging.

    Joe B
  4. Joe Bartl's Avatar
    Sounds great, David. What strings do you have on that snakehead?
  5. grassrootphilosopher's Avatar
    1. great "song selection"

    2. very well played!

    3. very nice mandolin with a teriffic sound

    4. nice camera work (by whom?) and overall video (including the sound department)

    5. teriffic idea, this Mandolin Monday; it is a No 1 resource to get to know the instrument its potential and their protagonists. Not only is this a labor of love but it pays off for anyone who is interested in this instrument and the music it can make.

    6. Chapeau and cheers for the next 8 years
  6. Jim Garber's Avatar
    What a sweet-sounding Mandolin Monday— this makes my day! Thanks,David!
  7. Mando Esq's Avatar
    Congratulations, David!
  8. Alfons's Avatar
    Congrats on 400! Wow. Thanks for all those Mandolin Mondays, and for the beautiful rendition of the Bach Prelude.
  9. Cheryl Watson's Avatar
    Very nice tone and playing! I think that is a special Gibson snakehead.
  10. JeffD's Avatar
    One of the things I like about your playing here is the lack of craziness. A minimum of finger movement, no finger busting, or long reaches, no huge flying blind shifts up the neck. To the casual observer (not any of us mind you) it all just looks reasonable.

    Great job.
  11. Paul Statman's Avatar
    That's bostin, that is, David - and big congrats on 400 and the beautiful '23 snakehead, too!