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Mandolin Mondays - Builders by the Numbers - Part 2

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On October 26, 2021 we posted a blog summarizing the numbers of specific mandolins used by guests as part of David Benedict's long running Mandolin Mondays series. That bit of information sparked some interesting conversation worth revisiting.

Fast forward two years later we decided to update the list with new information with 406 episodes now published.

Before consuming this information we strongly suggest you review our comments about this data from the link above, how it was collected and observations, including those made by those that commented.

Gibson, Gilchrist, Northfield and Collings retained clear command of the top four spots in the same order as from two years ago. After that, mostly the same with exception that Apitius shot up from mid-pack to #10 largely on the strength of their new jazz model which has proved popular.

Appearing for the first time with one appearance each, new to the list are the following: Brentrup, Buchanan, Buchwald Circle Strings, Campanella, Dave Shapiro, Dearstone, Dudenbostel, Fasanaro, Fletcher Brock, Gray, Hondo, Agnaldo Luz, KR Strings, Martin, Mazzaccara, Michael Lewis, Miller, Moon, Muleskinner, Newson, Pedro Santos, Scott Liebers, Shippey

The Master List

Gibson          51
Gilchrist 25
Northfield 19
Collings 18
Ellis 9
Weber 9
Nugget 8
Heiden 7
Duff 6
Apitius 6
Krishot 5
Kimble 5
Sorensen 4
Capek 4
McClanahan 3
Austin Clark 3
Daley 3
Prucha 3
Kentucky 3
Woll 3
Flatiron 3
Pava 3
Brian Dean 3
Giacomel 3
Eastman 3
Hinde 3
Monteleone 3
Rattlesnake 2
Red Diamond 2
Arrow 2
Anderson 2
Girouard 2
Aleyas 2
Randy Wood 2
Vanden 2
Sobell 2
Dowling 2
Lawrence Smart 2
Woodley 2
Phoenix 2
Hugh Hansen 2
Pomeroy 2
Mintu Biswas 2
Kalamazoo 2
JJ Ryan 2
Mowry 2
Bulas 2

In total the following instruments have made a single appearance in the series: Agnaldo Luz, Bayard Blain, Bluegrass Mandolin, Blue Marlin, Brentrup, Buchanan, Buckeye, Calace Raffaele, Campanella, Carey, Carl Spann, Circle Strings, Dave Shapiro, Davidson, Dearstone, Doug Clark, Dudenbostel, Eastwood, Fasanaro, Fender, Fletcher Brock, Fredholm, Gray, Hamlett, Hondo Jade, J Bovier, Kerman, KR Strings, Lebeda, Manoel Andrade, Martin, Mazzaccara, Michael Lewis, Miller, Moon, Muleskinner, National, Newson, Orser, Pandini, Paul Tozer, Pedro Santos, Perrin, Ribeiro, Rose, San Juan, San Juan, Scott Liebers, Shippey, Silverangel, Solivan, Stadler, Stanley Lorton, Stelling, Summit, The Loar, TKD, Turkey Creek, Vana, van der Harst, Vessel, Voight, Wade, Webber, Wes Archer, Winteringham

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  1. Glassweb's Avatar
    Fascinating info... thanks Scott!
    Hola Scott, should have a sub category for octave mandolins – there's Fletcher, Clark, Weber and who else? I think I've seen a few octave mandolin Mondays.... Thanks as always for the Café. It's a true gift.