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Mandolin Mondays #408 w/ Wolfgang Meyering & Michael Waterstradt

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This week on Mandolin Mondays, we're joined by German mandolinist Wolfgang Meyering with his Jurgen Richter mandolin and his bassist bandmate Michael Waterstrad playing an original tune called "Klompenswing."

Get to know Wolfgang and his music here with this lovely self introduction, "My name is Wolfgang Meyering from Germany. I send you a little humorous tune for Mandolin Mondays. It is a song that I have written in the mid 1990s for a Project called 'Magic Mandolins' at the Rudolstadt Festival--the main festival for Folk and Worldmusic in Germany. I collaborated there at a concert with mandolin players from different countries like Mike Marshall, U Srinivas, U Rajesh, Radim Zenkl, Simon Mayer, and some others. The Tune is called 'Klompenswing' and it is a mix of a 'Klompendanz' (a dance in wooden shoes from the German - Dutch Borderlands) and influences of string swing music of Django Reinhardt (who was born in Belgium where wooden shoes are also quite common :-). I was born and raised on the German - Dutch Border--living now in Berlin where I am working for a nationwide public radio station presenting Worldmusic and Americana. I am also playing together with bass player Michael Waterstradt in the band JAMS for nearly thirty years now and also in the last years as a duo with bass, mandolin, octave mandolin and vocals. I am mainly a songwriter singing songs in my native Low Saxon Dialect (a language more like Dutch than standard German) but also play a lot of traditional instrumental Music from Northern Germany.

Last year the Duo released their first album called Wolfgang Meyering & Michael Waterstradt 'Rucht' (Dawn) at NorthFolk Records. You can find it on all platforms online and here on Soundcould:

My Mandolin is a Gibson A 5 Copy made by Jurgen Richter in Hamburg in the mid 1980th."

Be sure to connect with Wolfgang at the links below for more info about his music:

And as always, tune in next week for more Mandolin Mondays! Until then...

Happy Picking!

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  1. Amandalyn's Avatar
    Fun tune! Love the bass and mandolin interplay.
  2. cayuga red's Avatar
    Talented musicians clearly enjoying making music together. And that Richter is a great sounding mandolin.
  3. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Very fun song!
  4. Alfons's Avatar
    FUNky ! I like the stylistic blending