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Mandolin Mondays #418 w/ Special Guest Bryce Rabideau

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This week on Mandolin Mondays we're joined by mandolin performer, composer, and instructor Bryce Rabideau and his Stiver Mandolin to play a cool original tune called "Counterfeit Reel."

Bryce Rabideau is a composer and multi-instrumentalist with a background in jazz and roots music and a specialty in genre-defying mandolin-centric experiments. His debut album Meanwhile was released in May 2023 on Misra Records. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Pittsburgh's music department and a member of the folk band Buffalo Rose.

Check out Bryce's new record here:

Here's a word from Bryce about this video, "My compositions tend to lean on the language of jazz music, so writing a fiddle tune took me out of my comfort zone a little. One of my first big mando accomplishments when I picked up the instrument ten years ago was learning 'Jessamyn's Reel,' so there's definitely some Thile DNA in here. The punny name is a reflection of the playful melody, but also an acknowledgement that I'm drawing on a melting pot of genres. I haven't had a chance to record it yet, but there are a few tunes off my last album (like "Upon Awakening" and "Interloper") that I took a similar approach to.

The mandolin I'm playing was built by the great Lou Stiver, who lives about two hours north of me in Polk, PA. Carpathian top, maple back and sides, made in 2018. Lou has been my go-to for repairs and tune-ups since I bought it, too - he's truly a master of his craft. I originally found it at Acoustic Music Works, a stellar Pittsburgh-based acoustic instrument shop. I have it strung with D'addario XSs and I'm using a CT55 Blue Chip pick."

Be sure to connect with Bryce at the following links below for more information about his music:

And as always, tune in next week for more Mandolin Mondays! Until then...

Happy Picking!

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  1. cayuga red's Avatar
    Snappy tune, well played. Stiver makes a fine mandolin. Thanks for posting.
  2. Nick Royal's Avatar
    Really nice! ...he makes it look easy....which for would not be so.
  3. Alfons's Avatar
    Fine music on a fine mandolin. Great job
  4. darylcrisp's Avatar
    loved it, thanks for be here and performing for us!