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Mandolin Cafe Ball Caps make a return

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Mandolin Cafe Ball Cap

This week look for us to return to offering Mandolin Cafe branded ball caps like the one pictured above. It's been a hot minute since we've offered these and recently ordered up a modest batch for availability which are now in house.

This is an identical offering in black to previous orders, a soft, unstructured ball cap with Cafe logo and stitched across the back above where adjustments to the size are made. If we sell out of these our plan is to offered a structured ball cap to follow-up this order being aware there are those that prefer one over the other.

Meanwhile, while we get our online postage account back in order and the dust off the label printer, we anticipate these being available for purchase online by mid-week. Shipped with 2 free Mandolin Cafe case stickers to boot. Only U.S. orders at this time as these will be sent USPS Priority because of the easy tracking and speed of delivery. We are delaying offering international orders due to the added shipping price and customs effort involved (not to mention far less demand) but plan to at a later date once the initial rush is satisfied.

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