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Mandolin Mondays #424 w/ Special Guest Richard Kriehn

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This week on Mandolin Mondays we're joined by the impressive Minnesota Mandolinist and multi-instrumentalist Richard Kriehn and his Ellis A5 to play a chord melody arrangement of the Lennon and McCartney classic "Here, There, & Everywhere."

Minnesota-based multi-instrumentalist Richard Kriehn played with the “Guys All-Star Shoe Band” and the “House Band” on A Prairie Home Companion from June of 2010 until the host, Garrison Keillor retired in July of 2016. Richard has played in symphony orchestras, bluegrass bands, baroque ensembles, pit orchestras, cover bands, string quartets and country bands...he loves to play music with his friends, and it really doesn’t matter what genre!

While living in Nashville, he toured with Travis Tritt, Aaron Tippin and Michael Peterson, all the while, playing in the Nashville Mandolin Ensemble and the bluegrass group 1946. He appeared numerous times on the Grand Ole’ Opry and made appearances on The Rosie O’Donnell Show, Prime Time Country and even an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger. Before he and his family moved to the Twin Cities, they lived in Eastern Washington where he was a faculty member in the School of Music, Washington State University.

Be sure to connect with Richard at the following links below for more information about his music:

And as always, tune in next week for more Mandolin Mondays! Until then...

Happy Picking!

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  1. James Vwaal's Avatar
    Very nice!
  2. Alfons's Avatar
    Beautiful! Great arrangement, and nice mix of techniques throughout.
  3. cayuga red's Avatar
    Good playing and what a mandolin!
  4. DougC's Avatar
    A very nice and 'masterful' arrangement of the tune. Richard most always shows a relaxed and complete command of the instrument. He's definitely one of the top mandolin players in the world.

  5. Tom Fuldner's Avatar
    Brilliant work, Mr. Kriehn! Thank you for sharing your arrangement of what Sir Paul has said is one of his favorite songs. You do it more than justice.
  6. Don Stiernberg's Avatar
    Okay now we're talkin'!
  7. Cheryl Watson's Avatar
    Hey Richard, that's a superbly creative and flowing arrangement, very well played, and nice Ellis!
  8. Nick Royal's Avatar
    Richard is a great player....and a friendly guy! He turned me on to some nice classical duos by
    German composer, Kurt Schwaen
  9. Rick Jones's Avatar
    Absolutely lovely! I'll be spending some serious time trying to transcribe this - unless there is an arrangement available?
  10. asIsaidtomyfriend's Avatar
    Perfect music for my coffee and oatmeal breakfast at 6am. Thank you Richard for starting my day off right!
  11. g-mac's Avatar
    Wow! Beautiful arrangement and very expressive playing. Well done, sir!!