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Mandolin Mondays #430 w/ Special Guest Kian Dye

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This week on Mandolin Mondays we're joined by Washington mandolinist Kian Dye and his 2020 Northfield Big Mon mandolin playing an original composition entitled "Fairhaven."

Having first picked up the fiddle at age 6 and the guitar and mandolin only a few years later, Kian grew up attending various bluegrass festivals and fiddle camps all over the West Coast. After playing in numerous bands in his teens and early 20s in Portland, Oregon, Kian moved to Bellingham, Washington where he founded the band Virginia Rail and produced and mixed their self-titled debut album in 2022. In 2023, Kian finished his undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Fairhaven College at Western Washington University, where his studies focused on audio technology, ethnomusicology, and social justice. Now, after the dissolution of Virginia Rail, Kian is setting out on his own with a collection of new original instrumentals set to be released in the Spring of 2024. In addition to being an accomplished performer, Kian is also a skilled teacher and currently has a studio of 15 private students and hosts a bluegrass group class and a monthly bluegrass jam. If you’d like to get in touch with Kian about setting up a lesson you can email him at or via the contact form on his website.

Be sure to connect with Kian at the following links below:

And as always, tune in next week for more Mandolin Mondays! Until then...

Happy Picking!

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    Meditative, thoughtful, skillful composition. Beautifully performed. Thanks for this tune to start the week!
  2. Ky Slim's Avatar
    Nice tune Kian! I really enjoyed this. Very patient with great timing and use of space. Thanks!
  3. Perry's Avatar
    Nice song and great playing. Wonder of that is natural room reverb we hear?
  4. Jonathan Reinhardt's Avatar
    Well done, Kian.
  5. Cheryl Watson's Avatar
    I love your style of playing, Kein. And Perry, you have a very good ear. That is reverb, but I am guessing that it is probably not natural reverb from the room, but perhaps subtly added to the recording. It sounds perfect.
    Updated Apr-01-2024 at 9:40pm by Cheryl Watson
  6. Alfons's Avatar
    Very nice composition, great tone and use of dynamics!
  7. Tim Parks's Avatar
    This is such a lovely composition. It would be so great if we could have (or buy!) a score.