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The Fifth Course

Welcome to England

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A lot has happened since the last time I dropped a line here. I should update here more often! (I wonder if anyone is still reading this. Drop me a line or post a comment if you are!)

The following is a warning to all you unattached people out there. This could happen to you...

She is wonderful. She plays guitar and writes songs, she is intelligent, insightful, caring, patient, and fun to kiss. When we met she was on vacation from England, visiting the Bay Area of California for a few weeks.

Both of thought a date would be a nice diversion for an evening and were sure the worst thing that could happen would be an unpleasant evening. Neither of us had the foggiest idea that we would fall in love and that our lives would completely change.

But that night in Cici's Italian Restaurant something happened. Then it happened again two nights later in Nick's Restaurant there by the sea. By Sunday I knew I was head-over-heels and neither of us wanted to leave the other's sight.

But she had to go home, so Skype was our conduit for 3 months. I visited her in England for a magical Thanksgiving Day weekend, and found out a couple of weeks later that, as careful as we had been, we would be parents.

So I came here to England to be a husband (for the second time) and a father (for the first time).

Now, as we await the arrival of our baby girl, my lovely wife is introducing me to all of the folkie people she knows. We've jumped into open mics and short gigs together. I've been doing the sideman thing too. Gotta gig on Friday night with a local folkie named Martin Kaszak, and I've been asked by Anthony John Clarke to join him for couple of tunes at his Ely Folk Festival set.

Getting to play music with all of these people, especially my lovely wife is an amazing start to a new adventure. I keep pinching myself.

My wife and I are setting up web sites and planning recording dates too. I've got an artist's page on Facebook and a page at ReverbNation, we're updating the YouTube Channel, and we're looking into registering a URL.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have baseboard to nail into place in the baby's room before I pick up the mandolin and get my fingers around Anthony John Clarke's "Walking on Sunday."

Life is good.
From Cambridge, UK,

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Updated Jul-11-2012 at 8:47am by Daniel Nestlerode

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  1. Scott Tichenor's Avatar
    Congratulations, Daniel. Cool story.
  2. Daniel Nestlerode's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Tichenor
    Congratulations, Daniel. Cool story.
    Thanks Scott!
  3. Motley's Avatar
    Wow I was just passing through looking at Mandolin stuff. That is quite a story congrats! I find it nice when a stranger makes you smile like this so I just wanted to comment on it.

    Just one thing though, it's 'skirtingboard' not 'baseboard' :-), you are going to have to get used to a whole load of differences like that!
  4. Elliot Luber's Avatar
    Of all your future productions, I bet the child shines far above all others. Congratulations to you both!
  5. hank's Avatar
    A Hearty Ar Ar & Congratulations. Best of wishes.
  6. Daniel Nestlerode's Avatar
    Thanks everyone!
    I'm guessing you're right Santiago. :-)
  7. rgray's Avatar
    Absolute best wishes!
  8. Clement Barrera-Ng's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story and sounds like you have your partner have a wonderful adventure ahead of you. Best wishes!
  9. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Congratulations on the 'slip-up' (there are no accidents). Another successful Anglo-American alliance is sealed! I wish you all the best, and thanks for sharing, Daniel.