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Olga Egorova

Star Trip

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Today was very strange day - I fainted in our fantastic subway where everything is fine, except the conditioner)) I passed three stations without conscious, but saw very beautiful visions. Earlier i didn't know how to call the next composition, but now I know - Star Trip.

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Updated Mar-01-2016 at 1:50pm by Olga Egorova

Solo permormance , Composition


  1. Beanzy's Avatar
    Wooo! Excellent Olga. Apart from your obvious skill I love the way you're really living in the moment as you play totally immersed in the music. What a joy. (Try not to do the fainting thing too often though!)
  2. Olga Egorova's Avatar
    Thanks a lot!! i not absolutely understood the last phrase) what do you mean?)
  3. Beanzy's Avatar
    Well I meant "try to stay safe on the subway".