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flat wound vs. round

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Just restrung my flinthill f style to the jm11 and when I fine tuned it with a snarc, sounds nice when strum open strings but when picking up from the d to a A sting seems one fret off. I retuned it to no avail. I am a beginner manolinist and thought by using better strings over the stock ones it would be a great step up, giving my basic skills the
chance to sound better. The stock G string had a dud sound to it. Is this a matter of just some strings make it sing and some just don't or is there something else I need to check. The bridge (string) height looks even all the way down the neck, and its relatively easy to play. I know its not a gibson or a fender but its actually a solid wood well made entry level mandolin. Any advise from the sages is appreciated.
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  1. Sid Simpson's Avatar

    How old are the JM11's? I had something similar happen, and it turns out there was a bad batch with (if I recall) a D string that was wonky. It drove me crazy, as I could not get it to play in tune. This was somewhere around a year ago. Ted replaced the strings for me with a new set, as he had been having issues with the supplier. One possible explanation, at least. Sid
  2. Bob Clark's Avatar
    Hi Rich,

    I think Sid is right. I, too, had one of the bad-batch D strings a while back. Ted replaced it quickly and all was well. I've used JM11s a bunch of times and really like them, so I think the bad Ds are rare. I guess you just got lucky

    If you contact Ted, I am sure he'll fix you up with a replacement D string.

    Best wishes, Bob
  3. rodarbal's Avatar
    I just got them in the mail a couple of days ago, bought two sets. Hope the other set is OK. I left a note with Ted, I am sure I will hear back. Thanks for your reply, I thought maybe my ear was off.