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Olga Egorova

The Story Cover

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So.... i never thought that singing and playing at the same time so difficult. more admire Theresa Andersson

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Updated Mar-01-2016 at 1:49pm by Olga Egorova

Solo permormance


  1. Richard J's Avatar
    Thank you, thank you and thank you. Great picking and singing. (A Godin mandolin?)
  2. Olga Egorova's Avatar
    Thanks a lot!!! Exectly so, it's Godin)
  3. Beanzy's Avatar
    Great stuff. Nifty footwork and a really good singing voice too.


  4. biologyprof's Avatar
    Hey Olga! Awesome playing (as usual). I also liked watching you compose and conduct your accompaniment as you sang. Really nifty footwork. For anyone that hasn't seen Olga play her Sonny Morris F mandolin look up the video she did a while ago playing Whiskey Before Breakfast. I've wanted a Morris F since I first saw that video. One day. Thanks, Olga. Hang around here more often.