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Playing Mandolin at Last

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At last in my retirement years I am getting satisfaction from playing music. I know my efforts are very amateur in the grand scheme of playing, but I have been playing ukulele with a couple of others on guitar in church, and now I am happy with my beginner efforts on the mandolin.

I attempted to take up guitar over thirty years ago, but the teacher I went to for individual lessons (big $s) just gave me 4 songs this week and 4 songs next week, with no interest in my individual performance, or more importantly to me, my lack of being able to produce a clear sound to my satisfaction. Next I bought a mandolin, but that teacher started on tremolo on the first lesson, and that was too overwhelming.

It is a great help that hubby plays several instruments well, which gave me access to the mandolin, and having youtube and so many online sites available these days makes a big difference.

Already I have found some new links from a group here, and while I may not have anything to contribute to the main forum, I am looking forward to getting help from Mandolin Cafe.

Thank you!

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  1. Claudzilla's Avatar
    You Go Jan! You can do it. YOU KNOW YOU CAN!!
  2. lflngpicker's Avatar
    We are glad you are in the Mandolin Cafe family. Thanks Jan!
  3. Jandante's Avatar
    Thank you for your comments, Claudzilla and lflngpicker, you made my day!
  4. JeffD's Avatar
    Go go go!

    Introduce your mandolin to your church group, and/or establish another group to play mandolin with. The more the mandolin is connected to your social life the higher the priority you will give it and the more you will love it.
  5. Jandante's Avatar
    So sorry I have not called in, hope to make up for it.