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William Smith

Music and sickness?

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Hello fellow lovers of mandolin,the grass,any instrument. I've got a ? for those who are like me out there and are terribly sick with a disease thats pretty much an eventual death sentence!
I used to play music all the time, in bands, by myself for hours and ever since I've been sick the past 5 years I find it nearly impossible to get into playing anything, And I love playing bluegrass etc.....I just don't have the drive/incentive I used to have. Luckily every now and then I have a good day and I'll start playing and get into it and actually have a blast again! Most days I get disgusted with tuning then I'm done for a long while.
I'm not trying to whine or anything I just need a pointer or "maybe a kick to the head" well not really. Maybe someone out here in mando land that knows where I'm coming from has some words of wisdom to a younger guy like me..Guess I'm just pretty darn frustrated!

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  1. catmandu2's Avatar
    Realize that, we all have an eventual "death sentence"; not to trivialize or invalidate your feelings regarding your own situation, however. A personal anecdote--perhaps useful, perhaps not: I spent most of my life studying and practicing and rehearsing--with ambitions and expectations that I would someday perform on increasingly bigger stages. But life presented me with other circumstances--whereby I'm not practically able to pursue playing music at times or places where others typically engage. Consequently, I spend much time playing music alone, for myself and family. I do create opportunities, with what time I do have, to share my joy of music with others. FWIW, there are people everywhere in the world who will enjoy hearing you play, and speak, about your experience with music, and more. This quality you possess--not only is a gift for you to enjoy, but also a tool which you may exploit to broaden your world; you may find, through such sharing experiences, that you derive yet more energy. Best wishes!
    Updated Nov-11-2014 at 2:18pm by catmandu2
  2. William Smith's Avatar
    Thanks catmandu2. any ideas/thaughts help in certain ways.
  3. Richard J's Avatar
    Find a nice street corner with a bench, sit and play like your waiting for a bus, no tips jars or anything, just playing for yourself. See what happens.