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  1. Laird
    Whoo-hoo! Four members! That seems like more than enough to start a discussion.

    I'd be interested in hearing what the picking scene is like in your parts of the state. Down here around Poultney, I don't know of any bluegrass jams (though there's an open folky jam up at the Black Box in Rutland). I do play weekly with some folks at Green Mountain College, and there's some picking at the open mike at the Barn in Pawlett, but things are generally pretty quiet around here.

    Look forward to hearing from you!
  2. Dave Caulkins
    Dave Caulkins
    I'm out in Springfield, which isn't exactly the central location for music in Vermont but there are places to play.

    I make the open mic rounds occasionally, from Bellows Falls (PKs, Tuesdays) & Hartland (Skunk Hollow, Wednesdays) to Keene (EF Lane, full band jam, Thursdays) - I usually stick to guitar on those occasions, as I'm not much good at solo mandolin/singing. There is an excellent Irish session in Putney at JD McCliments (Tuesdays). I don't play much bluegrass, so I'm not real familiar with those meet-ups.

    There are a few more that I have yet to check out: Chester (Curtis' BBQ, new, Wednesdays), somewhere out in Woodstock (Thursdays, I think) and Saxton's Rivers brewpub also has, I guess, a pretty happening scene (not sure of the night of the week). There is a new acoustic open mic for string players in Brattleboro at that wine bar downtown, I think on Tuesdays.

    My current inclination has been hooking up with the Vermont Jazz Center (Brattleboro).

    Anyone else?
  3. billkilpatrick
    i be a part-time vermont mandolin picker - on the rare occasions when i visit my folks in quechee. i live in italy but keep in contact with local musical events via dave - here:

    ... i know there's a jam every week at "murphy's farmhouse" at the quechee golf club but not sure which day.

    fate is kind - maybe we'll meet up there - bill
  4. pigpen
    I live in Richmond, and we have a great jam at On The Rise Bakery for bluegrass every two weeks. There's an Irish jam/session there about once a month. If you're in the area, I reccomend it. They accept mediocre players like me, but there's some really good players there (at least for the bluegrass, I haven't been to the ITM one except briefly to know).

    I try to have a pickin' party at my place at least occasionally. If anyone is in the area and would like to join in, PM me. You better be able to keep up with me playing a fiddle tune at at least a smokin' 100 BPM. Fingers are flying in Richmond!

  5. Bslot0622
    There's an open bluegrass jam every other Wednesday at Sweet Melissa's in Montpelier. I think Matt Schrag runs it, but I could be wrong. I've played many a gig there, and at their sister bar, Moog's Place, in Morrisville and they're always great to musicians.
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