Cool Dawg Videos

  1. mandopete
    I thought we should post some cool Dawg videos. Here's one that I just recently bumped into over on Utoob. It's a John Coltrane song with Mark O'Connor on guitar.

  2. mandopete
    Here's one more I like. It's the classic E.M.D. with Tony Rice on guitar, Mark O'Connor (check out those pants!) playing fiddle and I think that's Rob Wasserman on bass.

  3. stringduster
    any idea what the performance date was on Naima?
  4. stringduster
    I hope you and others will continue to post Dawg vids. I love them and find them hard to locate. Mucho Appreciado!
  5. Paul Statman
    Paul Statman
    Here's a great take of 'Del and Dawg' posted March 2020.

    One microphone, one take.

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