Howdy Kimble owners!

  1. JimRichter
    There has been repeated discussions in the past with organizing a Kimble group here in the Cafe. Thanks to Scott for allowing us the opportunity. This is our opportunity to show off instruments, discuss how we're using them, set up concerns, etc. etc. etc.

    And, hopefully Wheel will stop by occasionally when he has the opportunity.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Proud Kimble owner
  2. Will Kimble
    Will Kimble
    Hi everybody, I'm here and will try to be available if you need anything. Thanks for thinking of me.

    Best wishes,
    Will Kimble
  3. Wesley
    I'm not sure if joining this group is going to help or just make my MAS worse. I'm on Wills list - and hoping for a delivery this year. So Will - keep your nose to the grindstone - please?

    However I'm expecting delivery today of a new National RM1 mandolin. That will keep my hands busy for awhile. It's the second of three parts of my future mandolin family that should cover everything. The Kimble, the National and my Brentrup 21V
  4. Don Christy
    Don Christy
    I'm on Will's (or is it Wheel's) list too. Also hoping for delivery this year. I've also got a Gilchrist Model 1 coming this July to keep my fingers busy while waiting.
  5. Wesley
    Jim - I was very impressed with the sound of your Kimble on the Yank Rachell tribute project. You've had several Kimble's - which one did you use on that song? Anything special about that one? Bracing, wood ect?
  6. JimRichter
    Believe it or not, the Kimble I used on that was not mine. It's the F5 I used in this YouTube video:

    For a brief period in 2007 I used a Fern era Gibson F2 formerly owned by John Reischman. I stopped playing Kimble number 10--one I had never completely bonded with--in favor of an oval hole. At the time, I couldn't get a Kimble oval hole, so I chanced upon someone who wanted to trade the F2 for #10.
  7. JimRichter
    First post was two long so here's part 2 to my response.

    I played #10 for most of 2007. I sponsored a mandolin camp with Roland White which then confused me. Playing next to Roland, I realized I needed an F hole instrument, but one with a very versatile voice.

    I sold the F2 and then bought two instruments with the money--neither of which were really what I wanted or needed. Wheel contacted me and said he had an A5 he was building that I should get. He was absolutely right. That is the A5 I currently have and don't see myself giving up.I sold the two mandolins to get the money together for Wheel, so there was a period of time where I was without a mandolin and the Yank project came up. Wheel lent me the F5 to record Brownsville Blues.
  8. JimRichter
    Part 3

    Maybe Wheel can speak to the specs for that mandolin--though this may be one of the Kimbles Gary Hedrick now owns.

    Long answer, but I'm still always moved by revisiting how I got my current mandolin which truly is the perfect match for me. I can pull oval hole tones out of it, bite into the bridge for blues stuff, get nuance from doing pretty things up the neck, etc. I recently did a track with Mike Compton for my solo album and feel my A5 was an equal to the tone of Mike's Gil F5. Not the same tonality, but just as strong of a mandolin.

    The Kimble I used on the forthcoming Butch Baldassari tribute CD is my current A5. That one has some tone.
  9. Jim Abrams
    Jim Abrams

    I own a great H-1 style Kimble mandola. It's #65 and made in 2004. I bought from Will at the CMSA convention in Philadelphia in 04. Since then I've played in the mandola section of a mandolin orchestra, and currently I'm learning jazz and gypsy jazz on it.

    It's got an Englemann top and red maple back and sides.

  10. Shana Aisenberg
    Shana Aisenberg
    Hi folks, just found this group, Kimble mandola #60 lives with me
  11. Chris Biorkman
    Chris Biorkman
    Hey, guys. Just picked up a brand new Kimble F from Dexter at Carmel yesterday. Had to send my Kimble A and some cash to complete the transaction, but I had to have it. The A that I traded for it was so good that I didn't want to let it go, but I've wanted one of his F models for a while. Pretty excited and awaiting delivery sometime next week
  12. Oggy
    Congratulations Chris! It looks awsome (I saw the pics at the Carmel website), and as we all know, it'll sound even better.

    We expect a full report when you have received it.
  13. Chris Biorkman
    Chris Biorkman
    Thanks, Oggy. Will do. I sent an email to Will on a whim asking if he ever sent F models out to different shops and he directed me to Carmel. I bet if I had waited a few days it would have been gone, so I think I got pretty lucky. Who knows, maybe it was divine providence.
  14. sgarrity
    Well that explains the Ellis F5 for sale then! The only problem this creates is now I know there is a gently used Kimble A5 available at Carmel. Must....resist....KMAS.....LOL ;-)
  15. Chris Biorkman
    Chris Biorkman
    It really pains me to sell the Ellis. I thought I would never do it, but you probably know how that goes. Don't you, Shaun?

    The A I gave up was a cannon.
  16. sgarrity
    Hahahaha....I know what ya mean! Lord knows I've sold some good ones during the MAS journey.
  17. Ray(T)
    Hi all, Just discovered the social groups facility and as the proud owner of No.150, I thought I'd better join. She is an A5 and lives happily in the UK with a Holoubek, a '15 Gibson A and umpteen guitars.
  18. JimRichter
    Welcome Ray!
  19. SternART
    I no longer have mine, but am still a BIG fan of Will's instruments.......maybe I'll own one again some hope I'm welcome here.
  20. JimRichter
    Gee, Art, I don't know. . . . . .well, I guess it can't hurt anything. Welcome aboard!
  21. SternART
    Whew........Thanks Jim......My blackface F5 was the LOUDEST mandolin I've ever owned. Jeff Abrams from Atlanta talked me out of it at the Mandolin Symposium one year.
  22. Jeff A
    Jeff A
    Arthur, I love that old blackface but my new Kimble F5 is getting the most playing time right now. Its not as loud as the blackface but sure is sweet.
  23. Amandalyn
    Hello, I am now the proud owner of Will's first F- Style mandolin- lucky #13. The previous owner (cwtwang) just got a new Kimble A. When I first played this F, I knew it was something special, and said I wanted it if ever became available. This mandolin has a German Spruce top, and has a very unique tone. It has easiest neck action I have ever played. While not cosmetically perfect, the tone is exceptional. I will post a pic of me with #13.
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