Is SS Stewart Mandolin possibly a Strad?

  1. David Newton
    David Newton
  2. mzurer
    I'm not an expert but I thought the bridge placement was more typically at the end of the f-hole and not in the middle.... Though looking at the photos, there is at least one with the bridge at the center. Looks a lot like Bruce's:
  3. David Newton
    David Newton
    Yes, many similarities with Bruce's. The shaped end of the fret board, tailpiece, number of strings, 8, outline at head stock, the top wood looks just like the mahogany on many Strads, disconnected holes at the F's, though they are shaped different, and most of all, I want to add more information to the Strad mystery!

    SS Stewart was a Philly maker going way back. More than likely though, whoever Strad-o-lin was, made some Mandolins for whoever still owned the SS Stewart name.
  4. MikeEdgerton
    Here is the thread discussing this on the forum.
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