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  1. JimRichter
    This thread is for posting video or sound clips of your Kimble. Let's hear them!
  2. JimRichter

    Kimble octave
  3. sgarrity
    Here's one of me on the A-0

  4. sgarrity
    Here's one from tonight. Recently got the mando back from Will after a fret dressing and general set up. Sounds and plays better now!!

  5. JimRichter
    sounds great Shaun. What are the specs on the AO?
  6. JimRichter
    #10 A5 -- Will handcut the Gibson inlay pattern to emulate an A5 Lynn D. built for Jim Nikora

    Played this mandolin alot when I had to sell my Kimble F5. It's funny in that I never truly connected with it but I've encountered a few people who thought it was one of the best mandolins they'd heard.

  7. JimRichter
    Kimble F5 #18. This F5 demonstrated early on the level Will's future F5's would attain. Great bluegrass mandolin.

  8. JimRichter
    My current workhorse #138: one piece maple back--same maple that went into Andy Statman's F5. Not the prettiest piece of maple but has the tone. Red Spruce top. F holes done differently--Will would have to speak to that. But my general understanding is they were moved and enlarged (?) a little to approximate the inner cavity/projection of an F5. It's the best of all the Kimble's I've owned and will hold it's own in many a situation. My next album will feature a duet between Mike Compton and myself and it holds well next to Mike's Gil F5.

  9. sgarrity
    The A-0 has a red spruce top and sugar maple b/s. Waverly tuners, James TP, banjo frets with a slight radius to the fb, pickguard by Steve Smith. It's a lot of fun to play and lately it's been getting more playing time than my A5. Fiddle tunes just sound "right" on the oval hole!!
  10. sgarrity
    C'mon fellow Kimble fans, how 'bout some more videos of these magical 8 stringed beauties?? I'll be posting some new ones in the next few days. Surely someone other than me and Jim has a cam on their computer???
  11. Amandalyn

    Cheryl J. Watson Kimble A
  12. JimRichter
    Dang, Cheryl, I thought I was listening to my mandolin for a minute. Great A5.
  13. Cheryl Watson
    Cheryl Watson
    Hi Jim, the sound in the video is a bit more strident, less warm than the actual mandolin. Your clip sounded warmer to my ears.

    Also, is your A5's back sugar or red maple? Both of our A5s have one-piece backs so maybe they are cut from the same board since mine was his last set of one-piece maple at that time anyway.
  14. sgarrity
    That mandolin sounds great Cheryl and so does the pickin!
  15. Oggy
    I have #144 and it also has a one piece back. Even though it's an engelmann top, I find the tone quite similar to both Jims and Cheryls. Seems like Will gets consistantly great results!
  16. Cheryl Watson
    Cheryl Watson
    Here's an attempt at posting another video of me and my Kimble #159 playing my take of MC's take of "Goodbye Liza Jane."

  17. sgarrity
    Muddy Creek on the A-0.....

  18. Oggy
    Howdy folks!

    Here's a link to a sound clip of my Kimble. It's an odd and kind of funky tune, or rather a first draft of a tune... check it out, if you want to.
  19. Eddie Sheehy
    This is the AR...

  20. sgarrity
    Any videos or sound clips of Will's mandolas out there?
  21. sgarrity
    I just posted four clips, two on mandolin and two on mandola. You can find them here:
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