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  1. mandopete
    Awhile back over on the main message board there was a wondeful thread about Dawg and the DGQ. There were some great stories and photos and I would like to get that sort thing going here on our social group. Here's one of mine.....

    Several years ago at Wintergrass Grisman was performing with the DGQ reunion band. This was a show I had only been waiting about 20 years to see as I never saw them when they were originally performing. Their performance at Wintergrass was nothing short of stellar, but that's not my story.

    I was in another building when a friend of mine said "Grisman's jamming in the lobby over at the Sheraton!". So I run over there and there's David with his son Sam jamming with another mando player. They are playing Boston Boy, just like it was recorded on the Rounder Album. I walked down to the lobby to get a closer view and the other mando picker was Jason Norris from Bearfoot (FKA Bearfoot Bluegrass).
  2. mandopete
    Well, there's more to this story, but I got an error message that said the post is limited to 1000 characters (?!).

    How can one tell a Dawg story in just 1000 characters?
  3. mandopete
    Okay, Mr Tichenor has removed the 1000 character limit (and about time too!)...on with the story...

    So later that weekend I was interviewing David for my radio program and I asked him about that jam. He said that he brought his son along for the fun and frivolity and Sam said he wanted to jam about the minute they got there. So David borrowed Todd Philiips' bass and away they went.

    I thought it must be really cool to be in a hot jam with your son and judging by the look on Dawg's face when he was talking about it I think he thought so too.
  4. mandopete
    No Dawg stories?
  5. gonzograss
    As a 33-yr. DAWG fan, I've got a few stories, but the first thing that pops to mind is a question from 1983-4, the year I took a teaching job in SW Florida (Port Charlotte). Don't recall the exact date, but we heard David was going to be giving an outdoor concert at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota, so we had to attend. I remember hearing Mike Marshall do a killer version of his Gator Strut. The entire evening's music was awesome. I couldn't believe Robbie Wasserman. Even though I knew David's music, I was blown away. Would've become an instant convert if I wasn't already a worshipper. One of my sons smuggled in a cassette recorder (I'll never know how) and we got segments of the performance on tape. Terrible sound, of course, and further marred by a really loud woman screeching and screaming during the music. Why she wasn't escorted out I'll never know. But, even with that, it was one of the most beautiful evenings I can remember. Was anybody else out there in attendance?
    If I can ever get around to digitizing the best of my 2000+ cassettes, it'd be a pleasure to share that evening.
    Long live DAWG and all his friends!!!
    ~~Joe Hannabach
  6. SternART
    I got kinda Dawg tired out by that Dawgology thread...... and for those who haven't waded through it:
  7. mandopete
    Hey Art, thanks for posting the link. Frankly that's why I started this group. Do you have any communication with Jon Sievert? Seems like he's the who should be writing this story.
  8. SternART
    Jon is enjoying retirement in Mexico. I'm not sure if he will be going to the Mandolin Symposium this year........he went one year..... and more recently to the Calif. Coast Music Camp. He usually looks me up if he is in the Bay Area.
  9. mandopete
    ...hopefully avoiding the swine flu. Say hi to Jon if you see him and tell him we miss seeing him at Wintergrass.
  10. SternART
    I just heard he will be up for a visit to the Bay Area, and I'll see Jon at the annual Marin JCC DGQ gig. mandopete I'll give him your regards.
  11. coletrickle
    I've got a good one...back in college in the early 2000s I went with some friends to see the Quintet in a small theater in Hamilton Ohio. I knew of David from his work with Garcia but that was it at the time. We went to the show which was a part of a very popular series at the Miami University extension in Hamilton with no tickets. Of course it was sold out when we got there. So being young and stupid we thought we could sneak in the back door or something. As we attempted this we ran into one of the roadies, who didn't necessarily throw us out but wasn't going to let us walk in. He ended up talking to us for a while, then another came out and they went back and forth. Finally after about 20 minutes Grisman himself came out, shook our hands and said they were giving us seats in the "orchestra pit". Needless to say it was an amazing show that turned me back on to playing music. I ended up buying a mando and really getting into acoustic music of all forms. More importantly I got turned on to all of the great music on Acoustic Disc that has really set the tone for my interest in old time and roots music today.
  12. woodwizard
    Here's one... My wife and I found out that The DGQ was going to play at a small hotel in Bentonville Arkansas like in a couple months so I called as fast as I could for tickets. Guess I was the first one to call for tickets and I even got to talk with the promoter for a long time. It didn't take long for him to figure out I was a huge Dawg fan and he seemed like a great guy. When we got there it turns out I not only had great seats in the VIP area ... our room was just down the hall from David's and I would run into him quite often. It was like a "DREAM". I noticed that there were signs saying no pictures during the show so the first chance I got I asked Don "the promoter dude" if maybe I could take some pictures. He said only if I'd email him some copies and smiled. Wow! Got his email address and off I went. During the show I noticed a dude sitting at our table video taping the show. He said he was doing it for Don. It was an awesome show! Long story short. I lost Don's email address but still had his phone number so I called him to ask for it again so I could email the pics as I had promised. He was pretty excited that I was going to do that and mentioned that the video of the show turned out great. Filled up two DVD's. So I asked him ..."What's a guy have to do to get a copy of it?" ... To my surprise he said "you already paid for it" ... I said What? and he said "You ARE sending me the pics aren't you? What a nice guy. It wasn't very long I got the DVD's in the mail. Awesome audio recorded through the sound system and really good video although in spots is slightly out of sink with the audio. Still is very cool! What a great weekend! Sept. 16th 2006
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