Stradolin headstock photos??

  1. bmac
    I recall a series of Stradolin headstock photos on this site but can't find them now... Where did they go?? The headstock on mine seems a little different than those I recall but would like to check them to make sure if it actually is a different design.

    Bart McNeil
  2. bmac
    I found them.... but I guess I thought there were a lot more headstock images...

    In fact my Stradolin headstock graphic is not found among the photos so I will see if I can send an image of mine.

  3. bluesmandolinman
    Bart, there are several headstock pictures... did you went thru all 4 pages of pictures ?? ( at first I also thought they were gone )
  4. bmac

    Ok... Thanks...I think I have found all the headstock photos of Stradolins including those on the mando advertising site and was surprised to find the artwork on my headstock is not among them... The Stradolin name is all caps in "Stencil" (or similar typeface) as seen on many Stradolin headstocks. The artwork below, though similar stylisicly to others pictured, is unique in that it shows a feather suggesting that madolin string is being plucked by the feather. It is somewhat abstract but that is the intent of the art work.

    Now I've go to see if my wife can upload a photo of my headstock artwork.

    Bart McNeil
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