cantigas de santa maria

  1. billkilpatrick
    great tunes in this collection:

    ... with lyrics and MIDI's.
  2. Ancient
    Link does not work.
  3. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Here are some images,
    Brassy had some 425 midi files (that would be nice to convert to abc and then TAB) here but it seems to be down too.
    It’s apparently a great collection of medieval songs, someone must have the notation for them and I’d bet money that someone here in France already has that pdf... will have a look.
    Cantigua103 is the story of a monk who prays to St Mary that he can discover the joys of nature, he then gets what he’s after and spends the next 300 years hearing birds singing!
  4. Ancient
    Hope that you can find the PDF. Would love to see it.
  5. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Cantigas de Santa Maria old notation pdf:

    To make the music more accessible, itís probably easier to use the table of contents to search for tunes that have been played already on maybe YouTube , choose the ones you like and then check the notation.
    -though that could probably be done by ear.
  6. Simon DS
    Simon DS
  7. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    The Cantigas have some wonderful tunes. I've recorded two of them on mandolins, both using variations written by Allen Alexander to make the single melody lines into polyphonic arrangements:

    Cantiga 353: Quen a Omagen da Virgen

    Cantiga 166: Ond' aveo a un ome

    Listening back, I think the arrangement on 353 is rather more successful -- my Youtube subscribers seem to think so anyway (65 upvotes for #353 compared to 9 for #166).

  8. Ancient
    Can the Cantigas be found in modern notation?
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