Medieval poetry

  1. Simen Kjaersdalen
    Simen Kjaersdalen
    It's this beautifull poem from the 13th century, called "Virgin Mary is singing for the child Jesus." (Or something like that) The original is in latin and anonymous. In Norway we had this poet called Sigmund Skard, that made a transelation of this poem into old-fashion norwegian (called new-norwegian, just to confuse...) that is truly a masterpiece. I've made a melody for the poem, that I've posted earlier (as a mandolin solo) under "song-projects." This is how it sounds with song... No, the recording is not from the 13th century as well, although it sounds like it...
  2. billkilpatrick
    fabulous, simen - haven't a clue for the lyrics but your melody - the entire feel for the piece - is definitely medieval. bravo, bravo, bravo!
  3. Simen Kjaersdalen
    Simen Kjaersdalen
    Thank you, Bill! I've tried to find an english translation of the poem on the web, but haven't succeded. The poet was probably a student, so this was not church-poetry, but more folk-poetry. Most student-poetry in those days was very... Well, down to earth, much of it even vulgar. But there were also great poets among them. This poem is picturing the scene when Jesus was born, and she (Mary) is singing a lullaby for her son, and at the same time telling the story of the christmas-miracle. That's the "storyline," but it's the way it's done that makes this poem so very special. It's so filled with beauty, longing, joy, passion and melancholy, all at the same time.
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