Two point

  1. Doc Simons
    Doc Simons
    As per request, I posted pics of my new old Orpheum onto the group images. BTW, Does anyone have a pickgaurd or a place to get blank tortise shell like the kind on this tailpiece?
  2. DerTiefster
    That Orpheum looks just like the Strad I recently acquired. I can try to help with pick-guard issues, as mine has the guard in place. Does anyone else here have some info on bridge compensation? Mine seems to be dead straight, no compensation. I thought there was a thread on that topic but can't find it. I'll post photos of the Strad soon. It isn't quite as unscarred as the Orpheum.
  3. DerTiefster
    While poking through the forum I found an Oct 2007 post with pics showing another 2-point:
    and the following post. Shiny 2-point Stradolin which appears to be just like mine "U-Strad-S" headstock with pointed fretboard termination at body, same straight bridge and painted-on black pseudo-binding. Gosh, it's pretty.

    So, with MandoBen's Oct 2007 post, powelu's recent addition to the Strad Social Group photos, Doc's recent 2-point acquisition, and mine, that makes at least 4 2-point strads, and they all look close to the same. powelu's is the most unique with its reddish sunburst and black pick guard. That probably makes it a different age than the ones with the nearly clear but still tortoise-shell guards and matching ornamentation riveted to the tailpiece cover.
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