Basket case Stradolins

  1. bmac
    I hope this is an apropriate message... If not. my apologies...

    I am always interested in basket case Stradolins... too damaged to play, too expensive to repair, but still a Stradolin and too nice to discard as trash. Usually with a lot of work they can be rebuilt or restored as players.

    I do this as a labor of love and would appreciate learning of any Strad you might have in non-playable condition which you might have but lack the skills or interest to repair yourself. If you have one as described I would be interested in knowing about it and discussing condition and asking price.

  2. DerTiefster
    Bart, are you the fellow who bought the ebay Strad which had been hit by a piece of flying metal? I thought long and hard about that mandolin and decided not to pursue it even though I thought it could possibly be returned to working order.
  3. bmac
    "Bart, are you the fellow who bought the ebay Strad which had been hit by a piece of flying metal?"

    Nope... Although had I seen it I would probably have been interested.

    Mine was purchased through the classified here a couple of years ago. someone had apparently dropped it or sat on it as the bridge was broken into at least three pieces and poorly glued together... top was split, lower tone bar (transverse brace) was rattling around inside... crack ran from the top of the F hole down the base side to the tailpiece mounting block and down its side to the back, most screw holes were stripped. It was a basket case but restored nicely... a wonderful player... Looks pretty nice too though shows its age and scars. I did not try to refinish it, but rather repair it, touch up the repairs, and prevent further loss of varnish.
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