My first Stradolin

  1. mandolinfox
    I bought this locally (Philadelphia area) last summer. The man who sold it to me was in his mid fifties and he remembers his father playing it when he was four or five years old. It looks to be newer than many I see here - maybe 1950's? The top is a 3-ply with a spruce (I think) top layer. I assume the back and sides aren't solid either. I had it set up and it plays great! It sure is tough to get past the 12th fret though. On the side picture you can see a scratch that was made by the case handle nail. The tailpiece is tarnished. Other than that it's in perfect shape, since it probably had just one owner. I noticed most of the pics in this group have a scripted Stradolin on the headstock - is my block lettering unusual? Anything else you can tell me about this mandolin, I'd really appreciate it!

    PS I just went to attach pics and I can't find the Attach icon! I'll try to post them in the Group section.
  2. bmac
    Block lettering is quite common on Stradolin headstocks... though the proper term might be "Stencil" for the type face... a quite common (all caps) face in the first half of this century. If yours is block without the stencil divisions on the capital letters then I don't know... but mine dating 1935 (or '36) Is all caps block lettering ( in a face ususally refered to as "Stencil"). It or similar fonts are still available and are often used in advertising or packaging with an old time flavor.

    If i recall the block lettering is found on Stradolins selling for a few dollars less than those with a fancier lettering,.

    Are there any other markings or design on the headstock? If so that might help in dating it as well. because many have other somewhat abstract images(but reflective of music or stringed instruments) on their headstocks.

    Bart McNeil
  3. mandolinfox
    Thanks for the info, Bart. There are four pics of my Stradolin in the Pictures section of this group. They say "Posted by mandolinfox". They're near the front. It is a "stencil" font as you describe it. There is nothing else on the headstock. So maybe this is 30's or 40's? Also, from your description it sounds like it's an entry level instrument, even for a Stradolin!
  4. nu to mando bob
    nu to mando bob
    Ive been reading up on everything I can find online about these old mandolins since purchasing one 2 weeks ago. had a pro setup on it and am impressed . Repairman says its healthy enough for heavier strings and recommends them when I get a refret in a month or so. also interested in an adjustable bridge recommend.Im just learning this instrument but am wanting the best tone and playability possible. Really enjoy all the knowledge and passion you guys have.Mine looks much like the first picture maxwelt posted in the 149 strad pics. Compared to mine they all look more high end. Ill post a picture when I learn how. my computer skills are not that advanced yet.! P.S. mines a 2 ply laminated top. if that makes a difference in string recommends. want something long lasting. not concerned about price.
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