just got my Tone Gard

  1. Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson
    I decided to make a little video to check the difference. Note: this is, literally, the first time I had used it, so I was hearing the difference for the first time, as well.

    I doesn't sound like much on the video, but watching the levels there is a definite volume increase. It sounds nicer to my ears in person, as well. I blew out the mic a few times after putting on the Tone Gard.

  2. billkilpatrick
    i switched back and forth from 0:34 and 1:24 and in fairness, i didn't hear a major difference - BUT! - when i made a youtube video with my mandolin resting on my gut and then with it suspended in front, free from any contact at the back, i couldn't hear a big difference in the video recording either. the point is ... i did hear the difference "live" and i'm sure you do too. i've ordered a tone guard from a firm in germany - hope it arrives next week. thanks for that - science of sound and MAS related research marches on.
  3. Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson
    yeah. I didn't hear a big difference, either, but--like I said--I could hear the difference in person and I could *see* the difference by watching the audio spikes. Sound recording is a strange and difficult practice...maybe if I had a condenser mic it would've been a bit more noticeable.
  4. doboing
    ... in fact, the record there are too many variables (such as the position of the musician and microphones ...). You should feel the difference live. You can play your instrument to another person to hear better. is true, the condenser microphone is extremely sensitive but more will never hear the sound that your ear.
  5. Keith Witty
    Keith Witty
    I think it's louder with the Tone Guard on.
  6. Fstpicker
    Definitely louder and a little more rounded tone with the tonegard. I've noticed a BIG difference when I use mine (all the time) on my LM-400VS.

  7. Kentucky Lineage
    Kentucky Lineage

    What is the manufacturer name of your Tone-Guard? Did you purchase from distributor or vendor?

    Kentucky Lineage
  8. Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson
    it's actually called "ToneGard", I believe. I ordered it from the mandolin store. It never leaves my Loar, really...the only time I ever take it off my instrument is when I'm going somewhere because it won't fit inside my case.
  9. Padre
    I tried a mandolin with a tone guard few years ago
    and as far as I love gadgets I'm not going to bother with this one.
    the whole point of toneguard is to keep back of the mando from your belly so
    the back can resonate.
    well if I'm playing sitting I've my mandolin on my knees for it's pretty far away
    or when I have it on the strap I put the strap over my right arm
    so it sort of pull the mandolin from touching my body.
    but still that's a matter of personal preferences.
  10. J Mangio
    J Mangio
    I rejected Tone-gard for years, one day I said why not give it a try...
    and I haven't looked back; it rules!
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